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Could Silkworms Help Repair Clogged Arteries?

January 31, 201115 min
Host: Janet Wright, MD

Guest: David Kaplan, PhD

Although most bypass grafts are sourced from other parts of a patient's body, bioengineers are examining new materials that might be used for bypass grafts to reduce the risk of second-site complications. Silk has been a standard material in sutures for decades, and is now showing promise as a biomaterial in bypass grafts. Might silkworms help repair clogged arteries? Dr. David Kaplan, endowed chair, the Stern Family Professor of Engineering, and professor & chair of the department of biomedical engineering at Tufts University, discusses the advantages of silk protein as a biomaterial and related applications to cardiology. When might this new technology be applied from the bench to the bedside? Dr. Janet Wright hosts.    Produced in Cooperation with

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