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July 21, 2024 34 mins

On the Early Edition with Ryan Bridge Full Show Podcast for Monday the 22nd of July, the fallout continues from the global CrowdStrike IT outage. Ryan speaks to a tech expert on the continued fallout. 

Tauranga has elected it's first council after four years of commissioners. The local Business Chamber talks to Ryan about what they want to see.

Andrew Alderson wraps the weekend's sport stories - including a major player moving from...

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An IT expert believes there'll be a flurry of lawsuits on the back of Friday's global IT outage. 

Microsoft estimated 8.5 million computers were disabled with a blue screen of death, and experts predict it'll be weeks before all systems fully recover.  

It is believed the outage was triggered by an update ...

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German police have reportedly foiled a planned terror attack just hours before last week's UEFA Euro 2024 final in Berlin.

Three suspects were reportedly detained during a series of raids of addresses in nearby Potsdam, after they were taking pictures of a fanzone and a church.

UK correspondent Gavin Grey says the suspects were known ISIS supporters.


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Oscar Piastri has become the fifth Australian to win a Formula 1 race, after his victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

But the triumph didn't come without controversy, with McLaren teammate Lando Norris forced to give the victory to his teammate.

Newstalk ZB sports reader Andrew Alderson joined Ryan Bridge to discuss further.


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Hamish Kerr - you might recall the name. 

He's a high jumper, winning gold at the Commonwealth Games, but so far no Olympic medal. 

He's apparently looking very good for Paris - the opening ceremony kicks off this Saturday morning. 

I'm getting quite excited about it. 

So Kerr is peaking at just the right time - he's just taken out the men’s high jump title at the London Dia...

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Concern in Tauranga about the city election's low voter turnout.  

Olympic rower Mahe Drysdale has an almost 6000 vote lead in the mayoral race, with just the specials left to count.  

Voter turnout's shaping up to be one of the city's lowest in a decade, with around 30 percent of residents casting their v...

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European leaders met in Britain for the 4th meeting of the European political community.

The meeting hopes to unite Europe in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, beyond just the nations in the EU and NATO.

UK correspondent Vincent McAviney told Ryan Bridge that newly elected UK Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer, used this is as a chance to reset the country's relationship with the EU.

He says this will be helpful in addressing the i...

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The number of people on a benefit has reached a new record and could keep rising, despite an uptick in sanctions. 

June quarter data shows 11.9% of working-age people are receiving a benefit - the highest since December 2020. 

It's an annual increase of 8.3%. 

Council of Trade Unions economist Craig Rennie told Ryan Bridge the number of people on Jobseeker will keep rising. 

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Joe Biden's under increasing pressure to stand aside as the Democratic presidential candidate as Donald Trump prepares to formally accept the Republican nomination. 

Sources have told the Associated Press that both Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have privately called for Biden to step aside. 

It comes as the US President continues to isolate with Covid. 

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio's former Ch...

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There are concerns tax cuts on heated tobacco will make the product much easier for young people to access. 

Customs quietly cut 50% from the excise tax at the start of the month. 

Customs Minister Casey Costello says it's a trial, aiming to give smokers a cheaper alternative. 

Health Coalition Aotearoa spokesperson Chris Bullen told Ryan Bridge it comes with a risk. 

He say...

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July 18, 2024 34 mins

On the Early Edition with Ryan Bridge Full Show Podcast for Friday 19th of July, it's the last day of the Republican National Convention - we cross live to the US and speak to Marco Rubio's former Chief of Staff. 

The Government has quietly cut the excise tax on heated tobacco products by 50%, Ryan gets the thoughts of Health Coalition Aotearoa’s Chris Bullen. 

Benefit numbers for the June quarter ar...

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Rate cuts could arrive early as next month, banks are predicting. 

Inflation fell to a 3-year low yesterday, reaching 3.3% in the June Quarter. 

Although that falls outside of the Reserve Bank’s target band of 1-3%, banks have reacted positively to the move. 

ANZ have cut their three year home loans rates to 6.35% and the two year rates to 6.49%. 

ASB Senior Economist Mark S...

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Auckland Airport is being urged to be responsible with its charging of airlines. 

A Commerce Commission draft investigation has found the airport's planned expansion is justified, and some price increases are necessary to fund the investment. 

However, it found the organisation's targeted returns from airlines is around $200 million over what's reasonable. 

It found that travellers would...

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A US poll finds the attempted assassination of Donald Trump has had little impact on voting intention.  

A Reuters poll by Ipsos shows of around 1200 voters, 43% are in favour of the Republicans and 41% intend to support the Democrats.  

Of all voters, 80% agreed the country was spiralling out of control.  

US correspondent Mitch McCann told Ryan Bridge prominent Democrat Adam Schiff has...

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The confirmation Tiwai Point is going to reduce its electricity usage next month isn't proving to be great news for everyone.  

The aluminium smelter's usage agreements means Meridian Energy can request it scale back production to meet electricity demands.  

But Energy Resources Aotearoa Chief Executive John Carnegie told Ryan Bridge production shouldn't have to be reduced, and it's a sign the gas ma...

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Have you seen the story floating around about the U.S. Secret Service? 

After the assassination attempt on Trump, the internet's been going nuts. 

Not just because, how did this happen? What a monumental cock-up. Who's responsible? 

But also because a number of the agents trying to protect the president were women. 

According to Time magazine, based on video of the shooting,...

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July 17, 2024 34 mins

On the Early Edition with Ryan Bridge Full Show Podcast for Thursday 18th of July, inflation data is out, and it's much better than expected - banks are now predicting rates cuts as early as August. Ryan speaks to ASB Senior Economist Mark Smith. 

Tiwai aluminium smelter has been asked to reduce their electricity output to help with hydro levels - do we need to find renewable alternatives? 

The Comme...

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Dozens of Indian farmers have been freed from “slave-like” working conditions in Northern Italy. 

The 33 workers were lured to the country with the promise of jobs and a better future. 

Allegedly, they were forced to work more than ten hours a day, seven days a week, their tiny wage used to pay off debts to the alleged gangmasters. 

Europe Correspondent Gavin Grey told Ryan Bridge that w...

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Latest data due out this morning is expected to show inflation is slowing down faster than expected but will it be enough to bring down interest rates? 

ANZ's Henry Russell and Infometrics' Brad Olsen expect a headline rate of 3.3%, but driven by offshore factors. 

Russell says a lot of the decline in inflation is being driven by things like food prices, fuel and airfares and Olsen says the Reserve B...

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There’s confidence Māori health outcomes won't be impacted by Pharmac focussing on health determinants rather than ethnicity.  

In a letter of expectations to Pharmac Board Chair Paula Bennett, David Seymour says he doesn't think its commitment to embedding the Treaty of Waitangi is appropriate, and it’s no longer expected. 

Seymour says the drug-buying agency's burnt a lot of energy doing that over ...

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