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Date crawlers and Party planners

January 28, 201751 min
Nayer: Hello, everybody. Welcome to Life Tips. It’s Melanie Nayer, the Editor of Life Tips and we have a lot to talk about today. There’s a lot going on in the world, the Democrats have taken over the house, Don Rumsfeld has resigned, Byron and the team just got back from ad:tech. So, we’re going to get to all of that stuff. Byron, are you there?

White: I’m here Melanie, pleasure to join you. How are things from your perspective?

Melanie: Oh, this is going to be so much fun. Well, Byron and our sales team headed down to New York, Sunday, for ad:tech and left me by myself at the office, which could get a little crazy. But I think I held down the fort okay while you guys were on the show floor. Since I wasn’t on the show floor, I want to know what did happen.

Byron: Well, it was your classic ad:tech, with a very large crowd. There were about 8,500 attendees there, over 300 sponsors scattered on about three different show floor

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