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Robin McGraw | One Powerful Revelation

April 26, 201652 min
Dr. Phil's sweeter half ROBIN MCGRAW, a two-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, devoted mother and grandmother, and fierce philanthropist, sits down with Atomic Moms for this in-depth interview. Robin encourages us to stop asking for permission in life and to go out and follow our passion! After revealing a heartbreaking moment in her own childhood, Robin shares: "You have a right to create your own legacy and a legacy for your children and your future grandchildren. You do not have to live the legacy that was dealt to you. You have a right to create your own." They also laugh about Robin's unorthodox but effective way of getting family time when her husband was working late and her son was little. In honor of Mother's Day, Atomic Moms celebrates Robin's brand new ME O' MY collection ( like Ellie's faves Flossy Glossy, ChickeeChew, NoseyCozy, and HandyCandy) inspired by happy times spent with Robin's favorite people: grandkids London and Avery. For podcast notes and links to the Me O' My collection, go to throughout the week. Continue the conversation on Twitter & Instagram: @atomicmoms and on our "Atomic Moms" Facebook page. Liked the podcast? Please subscribe and leave a review on

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