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April 10, 2024 25 mins

Today’s episode is a bit of a departure from the norm.  In it, I’m joined by my friend Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells, the ADHD MD!  Carolyn is a pediatrician with ADHD who can talk about the disorder from any number of directions!  She’s been on the show a few times, and will be joining me periodically to explore ADHD, and related topics.   

In a more personal conversation, Carolyn and I talk about how ADHD affects our lives, the i...

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In today’s episode we talk to Peter Shankman. 

Peter is an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, the best-selling author of six books, founder of the neurodiversity consultancy firm Mental Capital, and he’s a dad. 

Peter talks to us about parenting, the power of getting out of your own element to get work done, and his recent children’s book, “The Boy with the Faster Brain”, and why ADHDers have to learn how to use the faster brain tha...

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In today’s episode we talk to Anita Robertson, LCSW. 

Anita is an ADHD and relationship therapist.  Her goal is to help individuals and couples understand ADHD and find the right systems that work for them. 


Anita talks to us about navigating the challenges of being in the sandwich generation while having ADHD.  We discuss the challenges of caring for neurodiverse children and ailing parents - the impact it takes on our executiv...

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February 2, 2024 23 mins

In today’s episode we talk to Mark Smeets.  Mark is a neurodiversity advocate out of British Columbia, and the host of the “We are the ADHD Family” podcast.

Mark talks to us about his family’s experience with ADHD.  We discuss the journey to his son’s ADHD and autism diagnosis, how it led to his and his wife’s ADHD diagnoses, generational trauma, mental health advocacy work, and being on with where you are.

Register for the ADH...
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January 3, 2024 38 mins
In today’s episode we talk to Jessica McCabe!

Jessica is the creator and host of How to ADHD on YouTube and author of a new book that came out yesterday!

Jessica talks to us about that very book, aptly titled “How to ADHD”.  We discuss her new book, as well as the importance of accessibility for ADHD folks, divergent vs convergent thinking, why trying harder is not the answer, and how ADHD affects us socially.

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December 23, 2023 48 mins

In today’s episode we talk to Dr. Roberto Olivardia.  A Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Olivaria specializes in ADHD, Executive functioning issues, and OCD, as well as Body Dysmorphic Disorder and eating disorders.  

Dr. Olivardia talks to us about ADHD and eating.  We discuss the executive function challenges that underpin healthy eating, the eating disorders most common t...

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In today’s episode we talk to Julie Skolnick, founder of With Understanding Comes Calm.  

Julie guides parents of gifted and distractible children, mentors 2e adults, trains educators and advises professionals on how to bring out the best in, and raise self-confidence of, the 2e people in their lives.

Julie talks to us about her new book, "Gifted and Distractible".  She talks to us about what 2e means, her Cycle for Success model,...

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November 30, 2023 28 mins

In this episode, I continue the tradition of dragging a bunch of people into my room to reflect on the day's events of the ADHD Conference.  There were a bunch of us - Members of the Men's ADHD Support Group, Inger Shay Colzie, ADHD Nerd Dad, Teresa Taylor, ADHDruid, and Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells - we had pizza.


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In today’s episode we talk to Suchi Deshpande.  Suchi is the founder of Learnfully, a digital learning platform, balanced with insights from machine learning and expert human interaction. that connects specialists and caregivers to gain a deeper, more accurate, and actionable understanding of the learning needs of their kids.

Suchi talks to us about how Learnfully helps neurodiverse kids access education.  She discusses the importa...

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In today’s episode of ADHD Essentials, we talk to Rebecca Rolland.  Rebecca is an author, speech language pathologist and lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  She talks to us about her book, “The Art of Talking with Children”.  We discuss the Zone of Proximal Development, the role of temperament in conversation, the principles of social talk, and boundary setting.

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  • Learn more about Rebecca an...
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November 11, 2023 14 mins

In today’s episode, we talk to Cris -a web developer and software engineer who has created, an outstanding virtual body-doubling tool.


Cris talks to us about how Focus 101 works, the power of co-working and bodydoubling, and the importance of playing with your own creations.  


Guest Links:


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It's just me for this episode.  I'm sharing some reflections and lessons on helping that I've learned after the trials of the COVID pandemic, caring for a son with OCD, and supporting a dad with cancer.  And stay to the end for a special announcement about my latest project!


Links to the Friends and Colleagues I Thanked in this Episode:  

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In today’s episode, we talk to Ying, a Chinese immigrant to the United States who has ADHD who goes by the handle, ADHD Asian Girl on Twitter.

She talks to us about how Asian cultural expectations affect her ADHD, cultural and neurodiverse masking, how ADHD increases challenges of being an immigrant, as well as mindfulness and the calming power of shaking and dancing.


>>>Learn About Both AD...

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October 17, 2023 40 mins
In today’s episode, we talk to Jesse Anderson!

Jessie is an ADHD influencer who goes by the handle ADHDJesse, and the author of “Extra Focus: The Quick Start Guide to Adult ADHD”.

Jesse talks to us about his new book, “Extra Focus, and shares some tips from it.  We discuss the modern view of ADHD, Jesse’s four Cs of motivation, and juggling chainsaws.


Guest Links:

Learn more about Jesse and his work here!

Get Jesse's book, "Extra...

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September 16, 2023 37 mins

In today’s episode, we talk to ADHD creator and friend of the show, Dani Donovan!  (Dani has created the Anti-Planner, a phenomenal tool for helping folks with ADHD get stuff done.)

Dani talks to us about the Anti-Planner, and why it it such a powerful tool for folks with ADHD. She shares some of the strategies in it.  Strategies that she actually used in creating it!  (Like letting yourself bounce from one strategy to another, pap...

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    In today’s episode, we talk about the Men’s ADHD Support Group with founders Marc Almodovar and Kristian Moton.  Marc and Kristian discuss the reason they started the group, and the needs they’re meeting with it. 

    They talk about the shame that ADHD and similar mental health struggles can create for men, how the cultural resistance to male vulnerability both impedes healing and leads to anger, the power of self-talk, the importance...

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    June 23, 2023 67 mins

    This is the 250th episode of the ADHD Essentials Podcast. For those of you who have been wondering why the show has been inconsistent for the last little while, this is your answer.  I hope you find meaning and comfort in our story.   In today’s episode, my family and I share the mental health struggles that have affected our lives over the past four years, as well as the things we did to address, and eventually, overcome them. ...

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    Today, we’re talking to Seoniadh Jameson.  Seoniadh is a fitness professional with ADHD and the author of “Why You Skipped Your Workout”.

    Seoniadh talks to us about her book, and exercise in general.  She discusses the mind-body connection and how exercising can help our brains, the nature of making changes in our lives, the power of self-talk, and the emotional side of ADHD a...

    March 28, 2023 55 mins
    Today, we’re talking to Lynne Lyons. 

    Lynn is a psychotherapist, author, and speaker in private practice for over 30 years.  She specializes in treating anxiety disorders in adults and children.

    Lynne talks to us about her book “The Anxiety Audit”, and anxiety in general.  She discusses the differences between stress, anxiety, and worry, how accommodations play a different rol...

    It's just me for this episode.  I'm sharing my thoughts on neurodiverse masking - what it is, why we do it, and the need for a more nuanced conversation in that area with regard to what I'm seeing online.

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