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May 11, 2020 70 mins
Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe, Follow, Listen ❤️ — Back to the beat that booms! EDM Clubbing baby. Track listing: Intro Thomas Gold, Raiden - Someone New Marc Benjamin and DNMKG f. Able Faces - Horizons Cuebrick - Sunray Marcus Santoro - Faces Landis - Back 2 me Laidback Luke, Marc Benjamin, Dash Berlin - We're Forever (Dash Berlin Remix) John Dahlback, Benjin - Chants Kaskade and Adam K f Sunsun - Raining (Dance Love Edit) Andrew Bayer, Alison May - Tidal Wave (In My Next Life Mix) DubVision, Raiden - Keep My Light On Kosloing and CHRNS - In Your Head Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would You Ever Afrojack, Ally Brooke - All Night The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren, Fedde Le Grand - Side Effect Aslove f. Norma Jean Martine - So High (HUGEL Remix) Brooks, Julian Jordan - Without You Galantis, Dolly Parton, Mr. Probz, Jewelz & Sparks DallasK - I Know Nipri, Josh Le Tissier, ZHIKO - Like Magic (Thomas Gold Edit) Nicky Romero, Timmy Trumpet - Falling Tom Ferry, Kiesza - I Think I Like You Djerem, Vanever, Salvo - Crown Robin Schulz, Alida, Nicky Romero - In Your Eyes
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