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July 28, 2022 52 mins

There are LOTS of misconceptions about hunting in Africa. For instance, I get lots of comments from people that go something along the lines of: "I’m not a trophy hunter. I only hunt for meat and I don’t see the point of hunting in Africa. That seems like just killing for fun." Unfortunately, that's an all too common viewpoint about hunting Africa with lots of negative consequences. Well, we have Cries of the Savanna author Sue Tidwell on the show with us today to help set the record straight.

Show Sponsor: I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Cries of the Savanna, which I include among my favorite Africa hunting books. Go to to buy a physical copy or to read it on your Kindle.

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Show Notes:

The holiday season is coming up fast, so check out my article on the 101 Best Gifts For Hunters for ideas on what to get those on your gift list.

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