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March 3, 2022 69 mins

I talk about hunting in Africa all the time on this podcast. This ranges from me talking about my experiences over there to interviewing guys like Kevin Robertson who have way more knowledge and experience in Africa than I do. Today, I’m taking a slightly different tack and interviewing a podcast listener who went on his first hunt in Africa in late 2021.

Brant Benoit is a long-time podcast listener from Georgia and he contacted me in 2020 about booking a hunt in South Africa through my company Big Game Hunting Adventures. He hunted in August-September of 2021, had a great safari, and has some excellent stories and lessons learned to share with you guys. We talk about the process from start to finish from that initial email enquiry, to booking flights, preparing mentally and physically for the hunt, doing rifle import paperwork, to the hunt itself. We also talk about a few lessons Brant learned along the way and some things he wished he knew before he went over there.

Follow me on Instagram (@thebiggamehunter_) to see the photo of Brant's bushbuck with the missing hoof.

Show Sponsor:  Big Game Hunting Adventures The special offer mentioned in the podcast is valid for all hunts that take place during the 2022 calendar year at our new camp. We have availability during May, October, and November 2022. We also have plenty of openings in 2023. Visit to learn more or contact me directly at to take advantage of this special offer. Make sure you say you heard about Big Game Hunting Adventures through The Big Game Hunting Podcast!

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