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April 24, 2024 24 mins
Last Wednesday I had 2 events on the same day (Listen to the full story.) While getting out of the car at my 2nd event, I fell and face-planted on the asphalt in the parking lot. The lesson that applies to our time today? The event was a women’s workshop sponsored by the White House Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s in my hometown, so I know the leaders – 3 wonderful women! Tim was with me, and a few minutes after the fall (I still wasn’t off the ground yet!), two of them came outside, gently helped me up, walked with me, brought me a seat and ice pack, and stayed with me until I was ready to go compose myself. WOMEN AND RELATIONSHIPS!! Such an important topic! Let’s do the same format today for our last week of Stress Awareness Month. First, revisit the Stress in America Report. Second, look deeper at the research. Next, my successes and mistakes. And, finally, tips. Here we go! (All links in show notes at From Stress in America 2023 report (Link in first episode at ): -Women were also more likely than men to cite family responsibilities (58% vs. 52%) and relationships (49% vs. 44%) as key stressors in their lives. Then I wondered, how is this different from family responsibilities? So I looked at the questions asked in the survey. I searched for the word relationships. Here’s what I found: 1. What causes you stress: Relationships (e.g., spouse, kids, girl/boyfriend) 2. How many people can you talk to about what’s happening in your life (e.g., stress, relationships, etc.)? Please provide your best estimate. That’s all. The deeper dive here didn’t give me much. I also referenced what a few of the women in my study said about women (The Stress Club, pp. 90-91) Here’s a few (see show notes) So I decided to make some inferences. If it’s not about family responsibility (housework, shopping, cooking, laundry, home maintenance, child-care, etc.), it might be issues in the relationships: · Communication · Worry · Conflict · Money · Blended families And in those areas, I have done some things well, and others not so much: Successes: · Scripting and PowerPhrases · Therapy · Allowing my grown children to be grown · Apologizing Mistakes: · Excessive anger · Unrealistic expectations · Focusing too much on my needs · Incorrect assumptions So let's get to the tips. I LOVED this article and, for the brief time we have together, I thought it was perfect: Six Tips for Building Health Relationships. Here are the 6, but please listen and read the article for more info! 1. Learn about yourself 2. Give the relationship time and energy 3. Develop AND honor boundaries 4. Talk and Listen with respect 5. Let go of what you can’t control 6. Take time to reflect and grow Thanks for joining! **Not intended to be therapy or replace therapy - If you need further help, please reach out to one of these resources or one in your area: General Resources National Alliance of Mental Illness: Mental Health America: Mental Health First Aid Resources: Celebrate Recovery: About AA: Tami West, PhD Stress and Mental Health Expert Dr. Tami West uses her entertaining and compelling style to shine a new light on how to transform your life and discover solutions to life’s challenges.
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