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December 21, 2020 40 mins
With the Cephalopod Legionnaires now on their side, the gang can finally make sense of the Soviet Vampire's gauntlet... only one thing stands between them, a Napoleon's rescue. An expansive, undulating, wet thing. Meanwhile, Dr. Kosorotov continues to puppet Napoleon, but who is the one really pulling the strings? To get caught up from the beginning, check out: I Heart Radio:…e-radio-30982895/ Sound Cloud: Youtube Creeping Wave Playlist: Apple Podcasts:…io/id1329676341 Stitcher:…eping-wave-radio Tune In: And most podcatchers! Snatch up an your copy of "Tales From Horrorgasm" Summer issue features "The Hostage" A Creeping Wave Comic Creeping Wave Theme Song: The Runaways by Arcade High Featured Song: "What I've Become" Performed by The Midnight Block Music: "Slow Sneak Up" Godmode "Leoforos Alexandras" Dan Bodan "The World's Fair" Godmode "Two Little Bums" The Great North Sound Society "Blacksmith" Godmode "To Ponder" Godmode "80s Vamire Carchase" Sir Cubsworth "Gas Giant" I Think I Can Help You "Mr. Sunny Face" Wayne Jones "69 Bronco" DJ Williams "Beyond The Lows" The Whole Other Featuring the vocal talents of: Esther: Alex Stein Norma: Laura Romero Gladys: Napoleon Doom Walter & Wally: Luc Hollywood Bob & Robert: Travis Rhett Wilson Dorcas Morlock: Anna Zinova Madidus: Daniel French Calmargula: Travis Rhett Wilson Octavius: Carl Bryan Farmer Old Scratch: Weirdlsey Dr. Dmitry Kosorotov: Travis Rhett Wilson Gabe The Lizard Man: Gabriel Valentin Thibault The Cat: Anthony Silva…us-conversations The San Diego Werewolf: Shawn Michael Lia Scratch: Lia Dearborn Gallie Scratch: Gallie Fisher Comrade Jeremy: Jeremy Scott Kommissar Katya: Napoleon Doom Anatole: Travis Mcgee Robohitler: Travis Rhett Wilson If you like this show, please consider supporting Creeping Wave Radio, The U Mind and all of us here at Lucid Nap Productions on Patreon: or for small, one time donations: Check out my related graphic novels and art at Ride The Creeping Wave on social media! Instagram: Twitter: Follow The U Mind wwwfacebook/umindus And don't forget to check out my related graphic novels and art at Extra Special Thanks to our Patreons: The Grimerica Show, Nickie Benefield and Neil! We couldn't do it without you! Creeping Wave Radio and The U Mind are part of the Project Entertainment Network, and produced by Lucid Nap Productions
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