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July 16, 2019 34 min


PDX Broadsides - Let The Wild Rumpus Start - Relatable Content

Dr Stephen M Baird and the Opossums of Truth - Water On Mars - Water On Mars

Leslie Hudson - Perfect Storm - Keep Left At The Fork faerie-album-and-fine-arts-nexus

Misbehavin’ Maidens - Slytherins Are Misunderstood - Swearing Is Caring

Sunnie Larsen - The Last Page (Brooke Abbey) - The Space Between The Notes

Play It With Moxie - Jabba's Good To You - Live

Lojo Russo - Jasmine Wind - Fresh Oil Loose Gravel

Chris Conway - So Many Years - Single

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The 2019 Pegasus Nominating Ballot!


Leslie Hudson - Keep Left At The Fork


Misti-Con 2019 - July 18-21 - Tarrytown, NY

Confluence - July 26-28





July 20th
Sunnie Larson CD Release Show - Columbia Theater - Seattle

July 20th
Dave Stagner -

House Concerts and House Filks


Phoenix Filk Circle

Los Angeles Filk Circle

Des Moines First Friday Filk

Milwaukee Housefilk

Provo Filk Group


@PDXBroadsides, @invisiblepiano,  @MisbehavinMaids, @SunnieLarsen, @playitwithmoxie, @LojoRusso, @unclechristo

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Intro Music - Hope Eyrie by Leslie Fish - Julia Ecklar - Guitar Kristoph Klover

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