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Human Hope with Carlos Whittaker

In a time where humanity is desperate to find hope, Carlos leads us in conversations that bring us just that. From fun discussions about everyday joy to polarizing and challenging topics, Carlos shows even the most calloused heart that there is still hope in humanity. For more on Carlos and his books visit


November 30, 2023 43 mins

I CANT EVEN WITH THIS EPISODE!!! There are so many jaw dropping moments! My Tia Nancy and my Papa came to Nashville for Thanksgiving. My Papa has always been a man of few words, spoke Spanish (which I forgot by the time I was in second grade), and lived far from me, so we didn’t have many of your typical grandparent/grandchild moments together. But. While he was here, I really thought to myself how important it is to me that I get ...

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I FINALLY FINISHED MY MANUSCRIPT!!!! This book I turned in has taken it OUT of me but it is off to the editor and I feel breath in my lungs again!

Today, speaking of books, we have Edwin Raymond, author of An Inconvenient Cop: My Fight to Change Policing in America.

Since 2020, I have had a lot of people asking me to put a black police officer on the show. I wanted someone that was well versed, not emotive but also unders...

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This week is part two of our mini series, Hope for the Innocent. We have my new friend Wayne Burgess on and he helps to give us a look at what the back half of a wrongful conviction looks like. Last week, we talked with Artis who is STILL in prison and this week, Wayne is going to tell us what it has been like since he has been FREED from a wrongful conviction.

Wayne shares with us where he got his HOPE from, and we get to hea...

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We are taking the next two weeks about something that goes unnoticed in our society. There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people incarcerated today for crimes they did not commit! This is why it is SO important to look at it. The criminal justice system is imperfect and doesn’t always get it right. 

This is where organizations like the Tennessee Innocence Project come in. They are dedicated to exonerating the innocent in Tenne...

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This episode is such a GIFT. We are being joined by two dear friends to me. I know we wrapped up the It’s Never Too Late Series last week but after doing this interview, I really think that this episode will INSPIRE you to go on a new adventure or a new journey and IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

Chris and Sara are full time digital nomads - they work FULL TIME on the road. Chris has designed so much of what you see - some my book covers,...

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It’s the last episode of the It’s Never Too Late series and I have loved hearing about the ways this series has impacted you!! This week I am on my own talking through the idea of how and why people dread turning 50 (I feel like more people listen to my now than even when I was 49, HA!). Y’all, my life is FULL and yours can be too! 

Stepping into my 50s I am caring for my kids AND my parents. AND I am taking care of my profess...

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We are on week TWO of the It’s Never Too Late Series and I am so excited for you to hear this one. Phil Rasmussen is an executive pastor at my church here in Nashville and one of my favorite people to spend time with. 

In his late 50’s, Phil completely changed careers. In the same week that he felt all of his doors were closed, he got a call that completely changed the trajectory of his life. 

This episode is FULL of trut...

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What is up, Human Hope Familia?! I’ll tell you what’s up— my age. That’s right. You know I turned 50 last month, and even just 2 months ago that would have really stressed me out.

But today? Not at all. I even got an AARP application in the mail, and I didn’t break a sweat. 

And you know who helped me feel confident in my middle-age? Today’s guest: Mimi Ison. 

Mimi LITERALLY changed my life and my viewpoint on aging. If I’m not get...

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I LOVE BEES!! And today we are talking ALL about bees! 

When I learned about bees and how they operate, I was BLOWN away and immediately addicted to learning all about bees. 

My friend Danica introduced me to Jay Williams and his bee school and can I just say, Jay and his bee school changed. The trajectory. Of my life. 

Me, the guy who used to be terrified of bees, ordered 20,000 bees (Yes all those zeroes are supposed to be there!...

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Human Hope familia, let me introduce you to my new friend and this show’s VERY FIRST novelist: Johanna Rojas Vann!!! 

When I tell you this woman is a BRILLIANT storyteller, I’m not lying. 

I don’t think I’ve ever identified with a guest as much as I do with Johanna… and she writes about our shared experience as the children of Latino immigrants so thoughtfully. 

Listen when I tell you that Johanna’s novel so BEAUTIFULLY portrays th...

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We just wrapped up our parenting series last week and this week, while we’re not talking about parenting, I AM talking to one of my favorite friends that is a parent, Wade Joye! Wade and I go way back to when I was a worship leader with him at Elevation. He has been a great friend over the years and I am so happy for you, my Instafamilia, to meet him! 

Wade JUST released an incredible book, This Dream Is Not for You: Learn to ...

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Insta Familia!!! I am SO excited to wrap up the Parenting Series with my friend, Paula Faris. Paula Founded CARRY Media which exists to celebrate, champion and advocates for working moms by passing them the mic.

We talk all about the tension of being a working mom, how raising a family is SO different in this country than others and the far too common MOM GUILT. 

We get into how someone BEGINS to have these conversations ...

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This is quite possibly the MOST REQUESTED topic y'all ask me to talk about when it comes to parenting.

That's right... we're talking about PHONES.

This conversation will look different for every family and every kid, but it is INEVITABLE that every kid will have access to phones and screens. So how do we help them?

What worked 10 years ago, may not work today. Heck, what works now will probably change in 6 months. Tec...

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This week, we have two of our very best friends, Blake and Allie. We raised our kids together. At least 50% of the things we tried with our kids, we got from Blake and Allie. WHEN I TELL YOU they have raised 4 of the greatest women on Earth! It’s been a joy to watch them grow.

In 2011, when I ruined my life and my family’s lives, they were the ones that said to me “you can live with us.” (If you don’t know this story, you can ...

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My kids' therapists are here!! I am SO grateful for David Thomas and Sissy Goff. They are the hosts of the Raising Boys and Girls podcast and are SO wise. They are also both Executive Directors of Daystar Counseling Ministries here in Nashville, TN. With a combined 50+ years of experience, they KNOW what they are talking about!!!

I’ve had each of them on separate episodes but never together. YOU AIN’T READY FOR THIS! You are go...

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Your Favorite, Heather Whittaker is HERE to begin the series on Parenting!

If you have ANY kids in your life, this series is for YOU!

Even if you don’t have any kids in your life, this series can still help you!

We touch on fostering relationships with your kids, how to navigate drama and emotions in the tween years, some family rules and guidelines, what happens when you start parenting their kids when they’re ove...

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I am FINALLY home from Rwanda and in Nashville for a minute before going out on TOUR!!!

Last week’s episode with Emmanuel really laid the groundwork for this episode, so if you haven’t listened to that one yet, go back and listen to it first! 

This week, we are going to go deeper into the story and into the beauty of what the human spirit can accomplish… This week’s episode is very specific on FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATI...

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INSTAFAMILIA! WE DID IT! You helped us raise money for a church building, Hope Center, AND a school in Rwanda!!!!!

I've been sharing with you all about my time in Rwanda on Instagram but wanted YOU to hear from the people I have spent the week with. This is episode one of two from Rwanda and this one will help lay the groundwork for the next episode about supernatural forgiveness that maybe we have never been able to find ...

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This week, we have an incredible conversation with my friend Eugene. Eugene is an advocate for justice, an intellectual, and very grounded in his theology and humanity. He is such a good human that SEES humans. 

Eugene is the president of Bread for the World - a Christian advocacy organization that urges U.S. decision makers to do all they can to pursue a world without hunger, whose mission is to educate and equip people to ad...

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We do NOT have the capacity to consume the amount of content we are consuming… 

We are not designed to continue to consume content at the rate that we are. 

This week, I get into DOOMSCROLLING - a problem that we ALL have. 

We have been holding ANGER in higher regards than EMPATHY because we are only built for so much trauma gazing…..

It can affect us both mentally AND physically.

I share with you things we...

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