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Free Spirit Academy Podcast

Free Spirit Academy is about you being fully yourself. My name is Rande Moss and with my background in Eating Psychology Coaching, Breathwork, and Somatic Experiencing, I offer conversations about food, body image, trauma, and freedom. This is about honoring our own bodies and our purest self-expression. Welcome to the podcast.


November 9, 2023 7 mins

You won't get very far in this episode without realizing the click-baitiness of the title.  The truth is, there was a time I wanted to keep all of my body shame and use it for fuel to "fix" my body and chaotic relationship to food. It never worked, and in this episode I'll talk about what did.


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If you've spent any time in the somatic healing world, you're likely familiar with the concept of the body saying "no". I'll also often say that the body has a language that it speaks - sensation. emotion. pleasure and pain. Reactions and responses that say "no" and reactions and responses that say "yes". 

And it takes a lot of time and practice to understand that language.

In to...

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September 14, 2023 10 mins

What I wish I would have known when I was struggling and reading books about "mindful eating":

- Slowing down isn't a tool to make you eat less. It's a tool to notice what's happening.

- No amount of mindful eating is going to make eating less than you actually need serve you.

- Mindful eating doesn't have to be precious. You can eat in front of your favorite show. You don&ap...

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Healing doesn't happen in a hurry. The hurry to be healed, integrated, enlightened, free,'s not as neat and tidy as a lot of self-help books or before-and-after photos might suggest. 

It's more like, the harder we try to fix things, the harder our nervous systems work to keep us where things are familiar. Whereas, if we can slow down with ourselves, right  in the behavior or with the part of us we ha...

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Honestly, I cringe a bit using the words "healing" OR "journey" because the internet is so oversaturated with wellness or spiritual teachers. I'm not interested in making "healing" my whole personality, but simultaneously I have always had this deep interest in why things hurt. What any kind of pain, emotional, mental, or physical, is saying. and...

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August 10, 2023 24 mins

This podcast is for you if you're feeling unsettled and unsafe right now.

It's for you if being alone, or home all the time, or having your world turned inside-out makes you want to crawl out of your skin.

It's for you if you're like a client of mine who told me this morning that she doesn't want to be stuck in her house with all that food.

This episode is the first class from my 30-Day pro...

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August 3, 2023 18 mins

The 15 minute audio you're about to hear is the introduction to my 30-day course Coming Home to Your Body. This is a course that all of my clients get when we start working together but it's also available on it's own or part of the Free Spirit Academy membership. This is easily my favorite course, addressing how the effects of trauma and stress can leave us feeling disconnected and trapped in our bodies. Learning ab...

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Coming from a challenging childhood, dissociation became my "normal". As I left religion and pursued healing, the dissociation that was once completely disconnected from my body...went internal. Today we're looking at how attempts at embodiment and the pursuit of health can get sticky.


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I love a project. I love working towards something. I think that's pretty human. But for a long time my body was my project. I grew up in a holistic, seventh day adventist, vegetarian home. we used homeopathy and natural remedies and drank carrot juice and ate homemade bread. To this day I LOVE the taste of barley green powder because I have early memories of drinking it as something that would support my health. I wanted to k...

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 So many folks I see, and this was me too, attach goodness and morality to their health. If something is wrong, they feel wrong. They will spin into stories about how they're creating their own disease or this is going to turn into something far worse. Can you make some space for the fact that not all of the contributing factors were in your hands? Your genetics,  adverse childhood experiences, your environment and day to day ...

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Today I'm talking about the ways that shame lived in my body and fed into the cycle of binge eating and disembodied practices with food. I'll also talk about making my body safe enough to finally feel the shamed parts of me so that they could be understood and come to a more whole and free place.


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For a huge chunk of my life, trauma had left me flat, numb, and unable to feel what was going on in my body.

In today's episode I talk about the seemingly "normal" experiences that can lead to an overwhelmed nervous system, the symptoms or carrying stored survival energy, impulses, and emotions with us over a long period of time, and the symptoms that can occur as a result.



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After a bit of a hiatus, today I'm bringing back the podcast talking about what happened when trusty health practices were "taken" from me.

In this solo episode you'll hear about:

- The health challenges that turned my wold upside down.

- The practices that had to change and what happened to me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

- The surprises that came out of being forc...

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Today I'm speaking with Holistic Health and Root Cause Practitioner Sarah Hook. Sarah and I have been connected online since our early wellness blogging days when we were certain we had it all figured out. Some years ago Sarah was bit by a tick and developed severe Lyme disease, causing her to question what she knew about wellness.

We talk about what it's like to need food restrictions after healing from an eati...

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August 8, 2022 30 mins

For the last year, I haven't been consistently present with my online work...and today you'll hear why. A cascade of events left me in a pretty low-functioning state until recently. Currently I'm a couple months out from a couple of minor surgeries and am feeling clearer and sturdier than I have in some time!

I don't believe we need trauma to grow...but I've learned a lot. Things I would have likel...

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Free Spirit Academy's new and expanded intuitive eating program is being uploaded this month (February 2022)!

FSA members get ALL courses for $25 a month (no minimum commitment) OR you can purchase the downloadable version of Liberated here.

More options for working together:

Eating Psychology Coaching

Somatic Experiencing Sessions

Private Breathwork Classes

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In this solo episode, I'm talking about the idea of 'letting yourself go' and how that differs from the 'letting go of control' that needs to happen in order to make peace with food or integrate trauma.

There's also a very special deal on the Free Spirit Academy program Binge Freedom, links below!


Binge Freedom (use coupon code DECEMBER50 for 50% off in the month of D...

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Is it possible to take on a healing diet or a supportive protocol with a history of disordered eating?

Is there a way to have a healthy, alive relationship with food that's also intentional?

Is restriction 100% bad news in all cases?

Today I'm sharing my personal experiences with chronic illness, having a background of disordered eating from a young age. I'm excited to share this with you ...

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October 11, 2021 60 mins

I want to start by saying that this episode is going to be worth a listen whether you're a person with ADHD or not!

Sophie Tully is a Biomedical and Clinical Nutrition Scientist and Health Coach and she specialises in creating highly personalised health plans, tailored to unique goals, lifestyle and biology.

She uses a range of evidence-based, safe and effective tools and techniques, including nutrigenomics, biomarker ...

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Today's episode is a sample of the Free Spirit Academy program, Body Love.

I talk about why addressing a painful body image is integral to healing a disordered relationship with food, or taking on a healing protocol.

Our bodies are home as well as incredible messengers - and by making peace with the body we have, we're much more easily able to hear it's messages.


Free Spir...

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