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GBW Podcast

Biweekly podcast from the guys behind The Video Graveyard.Tackles a diverse assortment of movie related topics with side trips into music, comics, books, and much more! You never know what to expect on GBW!


May 24, 2023 199 mins

We've taken a break and now we are back with eighteen new movies that both make us happy to be film fans but also make us question the same thing.

The 90's were a bad time for video game adaptations and we having shining proof of this, there's disaster in the air Gerard Butler style, vampire bats barely show up in NIGHTWING, a much loved horror anthology fails to impress, Peter O'Toole swashbuckles and ...

Mark as Played

This episode of GBW contains a bunch of trips to the theatre, a handful of revisits and even a rant on Andrew McCarthy.

This time out we discuss 21 movies including a sports-themed TV thriller that fails to understand its most important themes (uh, sports?), a revisit to the original appearance of Ghostface, Lucio Fulci goes swords & sorcery, John Carpenter visits an evil church, RENFIELD and EVIL DEAD RISE bring some ...

Mark as Played
April 14, 2023 198 mins

Have you ever wanted to kidnap a kid, tell them they're dead and convince them they're in Heaven? No? Well one of the 18 movies we're talking about this time does just that.

We also watch some animals getting sweet revenge, Chris finally checks out a well-regarded 70's sorta slasher, a 70's TV movie delivers more thrills than expected, found footage meets super powers, Jalal Merhi gives us an examp...

Mark as Played
March 31, 2023 217 mins

This episode we get down with some serial killing, rubbery creatures and a giant eyeball head?!

Twenty flicks crossed our paths this time including Lamberto Bava doing giallo, JCVD going on an adventure that (of course!) ends with butt-kicking, Keanu Reeves proving he could act way back in the 80's, Anthony Michael Hall's bizarre vanity project, some graverobbing, Kevin Smith finishing his CLERKS trilogy, a duo o...

Mark as Played

Maybe if we took a cue from one of our furry friends and snorted a bunch of power, some of the lesser films of the 18 we cover this time out might have turned out better.

This time out Josh headed to the theatre to check out COCAINE BEAR, the dream team of JCVD and Sho Kosugi disappoints, Susan Anton gets ready for the Olympics, we look at Oscar nominee TRIANGLE OF SADNESS, a duo of assassins arrive both with different age...

Mark as Played

You know, after a hard day of fighting off ravenous fish, ghosts and serial killers there's nothing more that us here at GBW want to do than relaxing gymnastics!

This time out we cover 19 films including Howie Mandel being raised by wolves, a buddy cop flick that hasn't aged particularly well, JCVD going to prison, Lou Ferrigno channeling a Poe(?) story, hungry piranhas, Gene Hackman coaching the heck out of bask...

Mark as Played
February 17, 2023 218 mins

Can you believe it? We're 200!

To celebrate this occasion we've brought in a special guest: Uwe Boll. That's right, the legendary (in more ways than one) director sat down with us to discuss his return to filmmaking with the police thriller First Shift, educated us on how he independently made over thirty films, speaks on his favourite gangster movies, told us about a meeting with Jean-Claude Van Damme and m...

Mark as Played
February 3, 2023 233 mins

We're so hip to so many things. We're down with the sleaze, we dig the art deco, fringe jackets kick-ass and don't get us started on the splits!

We have 22 movies to talk about this time including a look at Brandon Cronenberg's INFINITY POOL, a noir set in the snow, two teen girls hitchhiking across the wild frontier of 70's America, a girl gang who takes no guff, Japan's version of Dracula, a...

Mark as Played
January 20, 2023 241 mins

There is definitely nothing even close to a theme in the twenty films we're talking about this episode but there's some pleasant surprises, we still wonder who actually likes Count Yorga and there is one moment of pure hatred.

Things are kicked off right with a DIE HARD clone that's pretty rad, we look at Steve McQueen's final film, Damien Chazelle brings the Hollywood excess in BABYLON, there's so...

Mark as Played
January 6, 2023 222 mins

New year. Same us. Which isn't a bad thing as we offer up our takes on twenty-three films that cover almost every genre you can think of.

There's disaster in the air with an exploding volcano, Johnny Cash plays a hard-boiled criminal, mutated sheep go on the attack, we talk Spielberg's love letter to film THE FABELMANS, Lou Ferrigno returns as a Greek god, we get ridiculous with 2022's FALL, a guy has s...

Mark as Played
December 16, 2022 218 mins

There's a whole lot of ass-kicking going down this episode in amongst some tender drama and bowling ball boners. Yes, it's the off-beat mixture of movies you've come to expect from GBW - and we have 22 of them for you.

We talk a handful of 2022 films (a couple which make our top tens), Charles Bronson and Nicholas Cage make an appearance, Michael Mann makes his directorial debut, Chris thinks calling Uwe  Bo...

Mark as Played
November 25, 2022 214 mins

When you've got it, you've got it, and in this episode we meet a handful of characters who do. It's an eccentric mix of twenty-one films making us this episode and it's sure to make you do splits between two chairs!

Just some of the films covered include Josh embracing "Noir-vember", Chris getting DRESSED TO KILL, a mad bomber with a penchant for rollercoasters, Tori Spelling and her psycho bo...

Mark as Played
November 4, 2022 245 mins

There's not a lot that can send us into a ranting mess of rage but, this episode, we manage to get worked up twice!

This time out we cover 20 films including the much maligned HALLOWEEN ENDS, another film noir that delivers the goods, Clint Eastwood in full-on macho/sexist mode, some kids being shot into space, a bonafide John Carpenter classic, the return of Robert Ginty to GBW, us questioning how Bert Convy became f...

Mark as Played
October 14, 2022 237 mins

It's October so that means this episode is definitely skewed towards a certain genre. 

We cover 22 films including getting to see Peter Cushing like we've never seen him before, a duo of Blumhouse films that question our faith in them, a coven of 90's high school witches, a couple of lesser-known films from Fred Olen Ray and Wes Craven, Josh finishing off the Romero zombie series, an early 70's Japanese...

Mark as Played
September 30, 2022 206 mins

This episode of GBW we want you to get in touch with your reptile side and give off a good "sssssss" as we talk about nineteen films.

We both journey into the land of Roger Corman produced foreign-made 80's action, Chris gives his takes on BARBARIAN and PEARL, Josh tells us all about one of his favourite 70's drive-in flicks, we get down at the disco with Jeff Goldblum, Sho Kosugi uses his ninja skills ...

Mark as Played
September 16, 2022 208 mins

Amongst the sixteen films we cover this time there's a whole lot of ridiculousness on display. However, don't think we're saying that as a negative thing!

This time Leo Fong makes his second appearance in a row, Chris wishes that Ken Wahl could've become a big action star, there's a monster unleashed from a lamp, Michael Keaton brings the psycho, Josh doesn't really enjoy his SHOCKER revisit, ...

Mark as Played
August 29, 2022 205 mins

Nostalgia weighs heavy a few times this episode as we talk about sixteen films.

We watched a duo of documentaries about one of our favourite things (physical media), Josh is introduced to the glory that is Leo Fong, a Satan possessed cobra makes life miserable for a small town, Burt Reynolds and friends once again go on a cross-country race, Dracula's dog bites a few necks, a noir "classic" doesn't quit...

Mark as Played
August 14, 2022 217 mins

What other podcast can you hear your hosts talk about threesomes, parents hiring a clown to terrify their children and things being haphazardly tossed into space?

This time out we bring you 20 films and, man, do they run the gamut. We get slightly disappointed by some documentaries, discuss a duo of slasher flicks (including a murderous football!), there's some insane "thirst" going on in a couple of the mov...

Mark as Played
July 27, 2022 235 mins

We're baaaaccckkk!! Did you miss us? We missed you.

After a month off for summer vacation, with a side of illness, GBW returns with 22 films for your perusal. Chris checked out Jordan Peele's NOPE, we have a duo of sequels to original films that are both classics (in their own way), Nicholas Cage takes on Lovecraft, radiation tainted marijuana messes us some high school kids, JJL makes a triumphant return to the ...

Mark as Played
June 23, 2022 180 mins

Women unite! This episode of GBW features a slew of female protagonists who do things their way and don't give an eff who gets in the way!

19 movies are covered this time including a noir classic, a comedy where rock meets wrestling, a dance competition that gets out of hand, a British prison break flick, Kevin Bacon going white water rafting yet again, a look at Oscar nominated THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, the nutt...

Mark as Played

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