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Biweekly podcast from the guys behind The Video Graveyard.Tackles a diverse assortment of movie related topics with side trips into music, comics, books, and much more! You never know what to expect on GBW!


April 12, 2024 207 mins

Some movies get released until different titles and trick us, so colour us surprised when two of the sixteen covered this time pull the good old "bait & switch".

This time we flee from killer cats, discover even Steven Spielberg can flop badly, crack safes with Burt, learn way too much information about starving to death, get annoyed at Melanie Griffith, talk about a Troma movie people just DON'T talk ab...

Mark as Played

Where else but GBW are you going to hear about swashbuckling, an underrated 90's power pop band and crazy girls all in the same episode? Nowhere.

This time out we get some TV movie summer camp shenanigans, checked out Rose Glass' LOVE LIES BLEEDING, Josh bemoans the state of "torture porn" of the mid-2000's, Lara Flynn Boyle goes crazy, pirates sing and dance, George A. Romero gets medieval (sort o...

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March 15, 2024 197 mins

Sixteen movies are covered on this episode but first we share our thoughts on the 2024 Oscars: the good, the not so good and any surprises.

Then it's on to the flicks and, this time, we're all over the place with Bruce Willis doing the nasty, Burt Reynolds being a cool cowboy, a tween girl getting bloody revenge, the most bizarre "two Corey's" movie ever, a finale to the O.G. Planet of the Apes fra...

Mark as Played

Step right up as we talk about sixteen movies that are rife with inappropriate old dudes, slow-motion overuse and even gut munching.

This time we're returning to the Planet of the Apes, the Italians are ripping off Hollywood yet again, Jet Li shows how he became a star, babysitter Keri Russell gets up to all sorts of mischief, Joe D'Amato directs a horror flick with a difficult to pronounce name, we discover the ...

Mark as Played
February 16, 2024 209 mins

We've got another batch of twenty movies that crossed our eyeballs since the last time we spoke and, as usual, it's an eccentric batch.

This time out we've got Gary Busey at his most unhinged (if that even possible?), we get two non-traditional westerns, some bad 90's CG rears its ugly head, the sun makes a guy go from jerk to lizard(!?), we visit a haunted asylum, 2023 horror continues to underwhelm us...

Mark as Played
February 2, 2024 247 mins

It's hard to say if the twenty movies we cover this time are the most eccentric batch in a while but they're certainly all over the place.

This time out we get ready to proclaim "everybody cut, everybody cut", amble around 70's Los Angeles with Kris Kristofferson, talk about the Oscar nominated THE ZONE OF INTEREST, learn about love from Sailor and Lula, discover that the key to winning basketball ...

Mark as Played
January 16, 2024 232 mins

We stroll into 2024 with another slab of movies to talk about. Twenty-two of them, in fact.

There's a whole lot of 2023 on hand as we discuss Yorgos Lanthimos' POOR THINGS, get "Gojira" with it in GODZILLA MINUS ONE (and more recent releases) but we also stick to our usual diet of oddities, revisits and movies you probably won't hear about on other podcasts.

These include three films invol...

Mark as Played
December 22, 2023 200 mins

Happy Holidays from your friends at GBW as we bring you our last episode of 2023.

We cover twenty movies this time including Chris finishing his year long journey into the world of JCVD, Matt Dillon and crew robbing pharmacies, a shirtless Leslie Nielsen being a complete jerk, a 90's VR martial arts movie that (surprise!) is no good, a moody Val Lewton production, Scorcese doing family drama, two crude comedies, a per...

Mark as Played
December 11, 2023 199 mins

As we head towards the end of 2023 there's absolutely no chance you'll get a "best of" episode from us as we've been much too busy watching various oddities and exploitation flicks of yesteryear,

Amongst the eighteen films covered this time we get a duo of Christmas horror, two completely different flicks starring an animal, a JCVD team-up that's not as cool as it could've been, one of El...

Mark as Played
November 24, 2023 224 mins

Gobble gobble, motherfu... oops, wrong movie!

This time out we discuss 20 movies including Eli Roth's festive slasher THANKSGIVING, a 50's noir tells us the dangers of picking up a hitcher, Josh discovers an unseen Lucio Fulci flick, JCVD travels through time, Flash is the saviour of the Universe, Alexander Payne returns with THE HOLDOVERS, we talk a duo of over-the-top craziness, voodoo gets a bad rap, Nazi&apos...

Mark as Played
November 3, 2023 232 mins

This episode of GBW is brought to you by a righteous heavy metal soundtrack as we thrash our way through 19 movies.

We learn that you really can have a chainsaw massacre anywhere, we watched a trio of completely different tropical island survival stories, Bobby Rhodes battles some gnarly DEMONS, 80's Jackie Chan fails to cross over to American shores, Chris got to see Wes Craven's masterpiece A NIGHTMARE ON ELM S...

Mark as Played
October 20, 2023 206 mins

It's still October and we here at GBW are continuing our commitment to watch more horror movies than usual. This has both its upsides and definitely its downsides. Which you will learn all about.

As promised last time out, we allowed Kenny Rogers to give us both some odd life lessons but we also watched nineteen other films including two "can't be much more different" retrospective big screen showings, ...

Mark as Played
October 7, 2023 219 mins

As we head towards Halloween we decided to put 100% effort into watching horror films with a 44% return rate. Not bad.

This time out we're talking nineteen movies including a hip hop flick only Cannon could be responsible for, Tobe Hooper visiting the carnival, a grown man in diapers, Rudy Ray Moore gettin' down once more, Burt being Burt, a duo of Shudder Originals with varying results, Eric Clapton again gettin...

Mark as Played
September 22, 2023 222 mins

Beware the wrath of TLJ! If you try to run, he'll get you, especially if you're trying to take advantage of a obscure loophole law.

This time out we have twenty films to discuss including a couple of disaster flicks, JCVD as a coke fueled knock off artist, we both finally scratched a classic off our "why haven't we seen this yet?" lists, Josh continues his Scorsese and Chan journeys, we have eviden...

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September 1, 2023 198 mins

There's 18 movies on the agenda for this episode and, completely not on purpose, we ended up with a handful of them starring bigger name action icons.

Apart from the various ass-kicking by established bad-asses we also talk a duo of "not-so-great" slasher flicks, visit the sleazy New York City of 1971, end up surprised  by a Will Ferrell movie, get two crazy efforts involving fetus transference and pin-up gi...

Mark as Played
August 18, 2023 218 mins

This time out we have overwrought action heroes, a spiritual Bruce Lee and more assorted nuttiness.

We cover 20 movies including a constantly yelling Reb Brown, a look at THE POPE'S EXORCIST, a good reason to not run across the desert, Pee-Wee being as charming as ever, a revisit to a now cult favourite 90's sea monster romp, a hopefully final visit to the cornfield, the outrageous BLOOD DELERIUM and so much more...

Mark as Played
August 3, 2023 259 mins

I heard you missed us, we're back! (Yes, that's a Van Halen reference).

After a longer-than-expected hiatus we're back with twenty-one slabs o' movies including a look at current  box office darling BARBIE, an elderly Mae West being horny as all get out, a slasher revisit that makes us question our buying habits, Josh talks one of his all-time favourites, Gerard Butler is slowly becoming an action star ...

Mark as Played
June 30, 2023 208 mins

This episode we talk twenty films including a couple of auteur directors and even a few un-savoury scumbags to boot.

This time we look at Wes Anderson's ASTEROID CITY, a bunch of creatures romp their way across the screen, an indie Canadian dramedy makes us pine for the video store, Josh keeps up to date on a few franchises, a classic sci-fi gets its first viewing, Rutger Hauer isn't as cool a bounty hunter as we...

Mark as Played
June 12, 2023 193 mins

What's as absurd as the title of this episode? A few of the 18 flicks that crossed our path since our last outing.

This time we learn that sometimes re-visits are just as bad as the original one, Albert Pyun teams up with JCVD with better than expected results, a few series we've been picking at are concluded, stop motion gets the spotlight it deserves, Robert Culp isn't going to put up with some juvenile de...

Mark as Played
May 24, 2023 199 mins

We've taken a break and now we are back with eighteen new movies that both make us happy to be film fans but also make us question the same thing.

The 90's were a bad time for video game adaptations and we having shining proof of this, there's disaster in the air Gerard Butler style, vampire bats barely show up in NIGHTWING, a much loved horror anthology fails to impress, Peter O'Toole swashbuckles and ...

Mark as Played

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