Geeks Who Like Sports

Geeks Who Like Sports

It's like the title says. Two geeky guys who love sports break down their favorite stories in each category from the week that was, sometimes with special guests.


May 12, 2021 37 min

Geeks Fly Together!! I mean..Ducks Fly Together!!! Steve Brill, creator of the Mighty Ducks, joined Lee and Ray to talk about the original Ducks, the NHL Ducks, the current Ducks, and even gave us his thoughts on the animated Ducks!!! **No quacks were made in the making of this interview.** 🦆🏒

Mark as Played

Annie O'Donnell joined us this week to discuss baseball, hockey, football, and Marvel! Tune in now to find out what a free agent fan is and what football team Annie is a fan of!

You can find Annie's podcast by searching for the "OD On Sports" and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @SweetAnnieOD

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Eric Wallace of Glo Navy joins us to discuss diversity in the gaming community and how Glo Navy is seeking to help support gamers of color. We also find out Eric’s favorite basketball player and which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle he most identifies with!

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ITS GEEK WEEK!!! Kick your week off right here for a discussion that includes everything from Anthony Mackie not knowing about his new movie, to a mid-off season, draft week Giants rant by the #1 ranter in the Geek-Sports universe (The Carsillo-verse)!

-Is It Weird??? - 2:23

-No One Told Mackie About Captain America 4 - 4:13

-Taskmaster Fan Theory - 7:18

-The Bad Batch, May the 4th - 12:23

-Mortal Kombat, More Movies Coming - 16:39

-Guy ...

Mark as Played

What do we think of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale? Why do people want Iron Man to come back? Who did Ray trade from his franchise team? What kind of sandwich do you get after you fight your best friend? Why does Chauncey Billups think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame over A.I? Episode 106 is here to answer most of these questions!

-Falcon And Winter Soldier Finale Recap - 5:07

-Bring Back Iron Man Bill Board - 26:04 


Mark as Played

Ray’s really mad about the Yankees but we’re all pretty pumped about new potential Wolverine news… 👀 Tune in to find out more!

-Wrestlemania 37 - 3:36

-WWE Releasing A Bunch Of Wrestlers - 10:10

-NHL Trade Deadline - 15:28

-MLB Interesting Start - 26:13

-Social Justice And Sports 26:30 

-MLB Continues To Screw Up - 27:35

-MLB Replay Misuse - 27:58

-Yankees Are BAD - 30:48

-A-Rod Trying To Buy Timberwolves - 39:29

-Whats The Best Base...

Mark as Played

Ray’s really upset with Mortal Kombat this week, and also his Yankees…

Also, 104 marks 2 full years of Geeky Sports news weekly and you won’t believe what we have in store for you!

-Falcon And Winter Soldier Episode 4 Recap: 5:46

-Netflix And Sony Deal For Spider-Man: 25:57

-Sony Developers Leaving In Droves: 36:35

-Indiana Jones 5: 42:39

-Star Trek Movie Coming And Black Adam Filming: 43:58

-Mortal Kombat: 47:13

-MLB The Mets Cheat 54:29


Mark as Played

Did you know that when you do a LIVE PODCAST you can answer questions from the audience in real time??? We tested that out this week by answering plenty of questions and more!

Breaking: Big NHL Trade: 6:48 

NFL Continued QB Controversy: 11:31

Tom Brady To The Dark Side?: 17:54

Baylor Wins NCAA Championship: 21:02 

MLB Updates: 27:33

Ask The Audience: 33:36

MLB All-Star Game Will Be In Colorado: 36:38

Yermin Mercedes Hit In First 8 Career A...

Mark as Played

Its the MechaGeeks episode, but we don't want to spoil it for you! So much good geek-sportsdom is combined for you this week!

-Godzilla vs Kong Review - 2:09

-Falcon And Winter Soldier Episode 3 Recap - 13:43

-Black Widow Trailer - 27:53

-Russell Crowe Joins Thor Love And Thunder - 30:04

-Cancelled: New Gods And The Trench - 34:40

-The Batman Set On Earth 2 - 38:17

-Space Jam 2 Release Set For July 16 2021 - 20:18

-ComicCon Special Edi...

Mark as Played

The geek world is seeing expansions, delays, new trailers, and publishing changes while the sports world is facing hot mics, torn ACL victories, and optimism for the…..Giants?

-The Snyder Cut: Spoiler Cast - 1:40 

-Wallis Day To Play Kate Kane - 29:23

-James Gunn Suicide Squad Trailer - 30:33

-Falcon And Winter Soldier Episode 2 Review - 36:02

-Mighty Ducks: Game Changers - 46:10

-Disney Delays Black Widow, Again - 48:54

-Marvel Leaves Di...

Mark as Played

Just like the Justice League, we have returned to your screens, in the form of episode 101. Be sure to comment below about our mashup because we want to know what YOU think!

-Justice League Snyder Cut - 3:59

-Ace Ventura 3 Coming To Prime - 14:47

-The Falcon And Winter Soldier - 19:07

-Aaron Fisher - First Gay Captain America - 34:10

-Sony Acquires EVO - 40:06

-Cobra Kai Card Fighter - 46:26

-Geno Auriemma COVID Protocol - 56:09

-NCAA Men’...

Mark as Played

100 Episodes! We must be doing something right...Can’t thank you all enough!! Enjoy the show!

-100 Episodes Recap - 44:11

-Where’s The Merch??? - 2:38

-Prescription Blade Shades??? - 4:11

-WandaVision Was Changed Due To The Pandemic - 10:36

-Falcon And Winter Soldier Preview - 18:16

-Snyder Cut Coming - 26:49

-DC Confirms Live Action Batgirl And Zatanna Movie - 29:15

-The Batman Wrapped Filming - 32:47

-Obi Wan Has A Recurring Role In Andor...

Mark as Played

Our FULL WandaVision Recap and an hour of other stuff.

-WandaVision Finale Review - 3:15

-New X-Men Film “The Mutants” - 25:30

-Marvel Infinite Destinies - 29:23

-DC Infinite Frontier - 30:34

-SDCC Goes Online - 40:23

-Streaming Service Price Changes - 42:36

-Snyder Trilogy Plan Revealed? - 46:24

-Space Jam 2 - 53:16

-New Game: Aliens: Fireteam -55:54

-JJ Watt Has Landed Where?? - 57:17

-Pittsburgh Holds On To Big Ben - 1:01:51

-Alex Smith Rel...

Mark as Played

It was a crazy week. Crazy Wandavision, crazy DC, crazy gaming, crazy Russians, crazy goalies, crazy Knicks, crazy quarterbacks, crazy news…Cats and Dogs, living together - MASS HYSTERIA! Geeks Who like Sports ep. 98 is here! 

WandaVision Ep 8 Recap: 1:25 

Release Dates (Loki, Bad Batch, Modok, Spider-Man): 18:41

The Snyder Cut: 26:36

Blue Beetle Movie: 34:00

JJ Abrams Superman: 34:44

Young Rock: 49:09

Last Ronin #2 Review: 50:58

Fan Call ...

Mark as Played

Who's been talking about geek-everything?

It’s been Lee and Ray all along

Who’s angry at their teams’ first string?

It’s been Lee and Ray all along

They’re humorous (Ha, ha!)

So sedulous

Their show takes time and focus

And they're giddy too (They're giddy too)

Gritty, gritty, gritty, gritty

They literally talk about anything

Because this podcast must go on.

Thanks to Lee & Ray (Ha!)

Geeky Lee & Ray

A lot of sports all day lo...

Mark as Played
February 16, 2021 117 min

*Wanda Maximoff’s Voice*

This Week On Geeks: 

Our Thoughts on Gina Carano, Drunk Brady, The Snyder Cut, and More!

-WandaVision Episode 6 Recap - 4:02

-What Is Tom Holland Hiding?? - 22:50

-Gina Carano - 25:23

-The Last Of Us Cast Updates - 39:11

-Young Rock Series - 41:04

-Sonic The Hedge Hog 2 - 45:05

-The Snyder Cut - 49:02

-Ray’s Hair - 56:23

-Six Days In Fallujah - 57:05

-Riot Lawsuit And Toxic Gamer Culture - 1:02:51

-Legend of Zelda 35th ...

Mark as Played

A legend was made greater this week while an already suffering gaming company found more misfortune. Can you guess who?

WandaVision Episode 5 Recap - 6:28

Jimmy Woo Spin-Off - 18:47

Paramount Plus - 22:18

War Machine In Falcon and Winter Soldier - 24:20

Kraven The Hunter Starring Keanu Reeves? - 27:33

Who Is The Next James Bond? - 33:18

Is E3 Dead? - 38:20

Embracer Group Acquires Gearbox - 49:02

Sony Embraces Cross-Play - 52:56

CD Projekt Re...

Mark as Played

If you all listen, and our ratings go up, we can really stick it to the big podcasters of the world, so be sure to help us get as many shares as possible. Trust us, we learned it on Reddit.

Episode 94 is here!


Wandavision Episode 4 Recap - 3:58

Kingdom of Wakanda - 19:32

New X-Men Roster - 21:56

Wonder Woman ‘84- 

HBO Live Action Harry Potter - 31:06

Pat Leahy - 34:10

Boarderlands Film - 36:10

A Lesson On The Stock Market - 37:47

Breaking ...

Mark as Played
January 28, 2021 104 min

The NFL Conference Champions have been decided. Ray is calling it a season for his Rangers at the 10% completion mark. We still have love for WandaVision while the mystery grows. Also, is this the right time for Godzilla vs Kong?? Or have they seriously missed the threshold for timing?

NFL Conference Championships - 3:57

Kansas City vs Buffalo - 4:17

Tampa Bay vs Green Bay - 9:12

Top QB’s Who Have Never Won A Super Bowl - 29:09

NFL Coac...

Mark as Played

A heavy week brings us stories of victory, failure, drama, and trades in all four major sports and a MASSIVE WandaVision rant (not from Ray) Episode 92 is here!


  • The Battle Of The Old Men - 8:32
  • Greenbay vs Los Angeles - 13:44
  • AFC Predictions - 16:15
  • Baltimore vs Buffalo - 19:33
  • Cleveland vs Kansas City - 24:15
  • NFC Predictions - 37:52
  • NFL Coaching Changes - 40:56
  • 2021 NHL Season Begins - 44:19
  • The Dallas Stars Covid Outbreak - 48:40
  • Brookly...
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