Geeksploration: The Podcast

Geeksploration: The Podcast

Each episode Jon & Ben pick a new topic from the Geekosphere for a deep dive into what makes it so great. New episodes every other Tuesday.


May 30, 2023 68 mins

We are back with another Creator's Corner (I swear we'll record some regular content when our friends stop creating awesome art!), this time we are talking with Alex Osborne about Polar Destroyer and his podcast, What's Your Spaghetti Policy. What inspired Alex to try his hand at comic book writting? What is the purpose of his podcast? What happened in his childhood that made him hate penguins so much? These questions and more will...

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It is time for another Creator's Corner! This time with local Sacramento storytellers, David Andry and Christopher Alvarez. Even though we've knows these fellas for a while we got to chat with them about there background and influences. But more importantly we got to talk DEAD BLOOD, there new comic book (live on Kickstarter now)!!!



Comics of the 90's; bold, bodacious, ground breaking, and most of all, FUN! D...

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The boys are back with a impromptu Debrief, now with 27% more bullshit! In this episode give their thoughts (spoiler free) on the Mario Bros & D&D movies, wish Superman a happy birthday, ask Google's new AI what it thinks of them, and probably a few other things.


Geeksploration: the Podcast is a proud member of The Geekly Grind family. They are a collective of geek-minded folks covering gaming, comics, movies, and more. Go check ...

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March 30, 2023 110 mins

Welcome back, Geeksploronauts!!!

For their glorious return, the boys decided to go back to where it all began: Time Travel. What better way to do it than to join a kid and a wild eyed scientist on their journeys through the space time continuum.  Buckle up. When this podcast hits 88mph, you’re gonna see some serious sh**!

Geeksploration: the Podcast is a proud member of The Geekly Grind family. They are a collective of geek-minded...

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February 14, 2023 53 mins

Oh, hello there. It has been a while, but we're back baby!! It was a nice break but we are ready to get back in the game (albeit not quite as veraciously as before). We figured we would start with a good old fashion debrief the way we originally intended. So it is more of a chat with less rapid fire geek news topics. That said here are the topics:


Time stamps

Intro/plans for the future (00:00)

James Gunn's DCEU announcement (09:4...

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We are briefly back to take a hiatus from our hiatus! A couple things happened in the Geekosphere that we just had to talk about. First we lost the absolute legend, Kevin Conroy. This hit both of us pretty hard. Second Weird: The Al Yanchovic Story came out. And don't worry, we'll warn you before we get into spoiler territory. So it is a bit of a bittersweet episode.


Geeksploration: the Podcast is a proud member of The Geekly Gri...

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The final Debrief before our break is here! Enjoy.


Links &Timecodes

Super Mario trailer (05:54)

One more round for Hugh (19:18)

Daredevil in She-Hulk (21:22)

Batman: The Silent Motion Picture (24:56)

Retraction (27:59)


    - Jon: Inktober (31:44)

    - Ben: Spaceteam (32:59)


This week's game giveaway is Organ Trail: Director's Cut! Like the classic educational game from your youth, but now with zombies and more ...

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October 6, 2022 112 mins



Today's promo is for Not Suitable For Adults! Join Rich and Natalie as they peruse the kid's TV space in search of tolerable, or even good programming!


Geeksploration: the Podcast is a proud member of The Geekly Grind family. They are a collective of geek-minded folks covering gaming, comics, movies, and more. Go check out the other great stuff they have going on!


You can find more information about the show at Geeksplorati...

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September 27, 2022 54 mins

We are back for another delve into the Geekosphere. This week we breeze through some pop culture goings-on and then gush about how great Weird Al was live! Also, we have a big announcement.


Timecodes & Links

Jon calls out local kid's soccer league (02:46)

More Ezra Miller...uhg! (09:00)

Official Monty Python TTRPG (12:05)

Whos got chess butt? (15:13)

She-Hulk impressions (19:19)

Weird Al Live! (24:33)

Jon bums everyone out (38:46...

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September 20, 2022 103 mins

Do you like your video games to channel the non stopped pace of a classic 80’s action flick, both in the cover art and gameplay itself? Do you enjoy having a barrage of bullets to run, jump, blast, and die in? Do you love an almost impossible challenge?

Join the boys as they run and gun through one of the greatest and most important video game franchises to chat about the highs and lows and all I’m between.


This week's promo is f...

Mark as Played

It has been a bit, but we are back with another Creator's Corner and this one is a doozy! We got the chance to chat with Kevin Cole, developer of video games, podcaster extraordinaire, and the twisted mind behind the new TTRPG Space Kings! What makes this 21st century Renaissance man tick? You'll have to listen to find out!


Play Space Kings!!!

Kevin's varied and multitudinous contact info

Twitter for the man himself: @RealKevinC...

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September 13, 2022 2 mins

He there loyal Geeksploronauts! Jon and I were out of town last week and a bit jammed up this week. So today's episode is yet again not an episode, but we did want to put out a call to arms. Next week is going to be our 4 year podiversary! It is hard to believe that it has been that long, but calendars don't lie (except for the Mayan one about that whole world ending in 2012 thing)! We would love to hear from you! If you have a min...

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Hey everyone, this week the boys were all jammed up stuffing comics into boxes to fulfill the Space Oddities #2 Kickstarter and they pretty much forgot to pick a topic. So they fell back on old reliable, comic books. In this episode Jon & Ben go over the current comics they have been enjoying, a few titles they are on the fence about, and just a couple disappointments. If your headed to your LCS and are interested in some spoiler f...

Mark as Played

Hello faithful Geeksploronauts! We are back to blab about some bullshit. Enjoy!


Timestamps & Links

More like HBO-Axed (04:11)

The scourge of Ezra (14:49)

Next Flash? (22:18)

She-Hulk smash? (24:45)

Cavill rumor time (27:06)

GoT: Dragon us back? (30:41)

One D&D is here (43:09)

Ben Cooper returns (47:28)


    - Jon: The Stanley Parable [video game] (49:50)

    - Ben: Auralnauts [YouTube] (53:57)

Best, review, ever ...

Mark as Played
August 17, 2022 109 mins

What movie franchise delivers the goods when it comes to violence, machismo, wisecracks, guns and explosives, bodies skinned and hanging upside down? What series of films has survived by producing and reproducing movies about...survival? Gear up and get ready to hang out with the boys as they chat al about Predator



This week's promo is for the spooktacular They're Not Shadows podcast. Spooky stories of the paranormal, the super...

Mark as Played

We are back for another carefree romp through the Geekosphere, but low what is that in the horizon? Why it's Old David Zaslav dumping money into a flaming dumpster. Whatever could that old scamp be up to now?


Timecodes & Links

Toys R Us is back...kinda (04:20)

Del Toro's Pinoccio (08:32)

The softer side of GTA (12:10)

Most delicious star in the Milky Way (18:30)

WTF WB?? (20:40)

JLA Giveaway (55:26)

Review! (56:37)


Mark as Played
August 2, 2022 115 mins

Do you keep Moët and Chandon in your pretty cabinet? Do you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? Do you think Fat Bottomed Girls do, indeed, make the rockin world go round?

Join the boys this time around as they chat about the band that’s meant more to Jon than any other group around! Get ready for the wind to blow any way it feels like, and for it to not matter!


Geeksploration: the Podcast is a proud member of The Geekly G...

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We decided to forgo our regular episode this week so that we could cover the onslaught of new coming out from the newly reinstated San Diego Comic Con! We have MCU and DCEU news, talk of new TV shows, pop culture icons talking shit, and even a tiny bit of new regarding actual honest to god comic books. Crazy right?


Timestamps & Links

MCU block-o-news (08:06)

    - Phase 4 wrapup (08:06)

        - Wakanda Forever trailer


Mark as Played

Hey there! We are finally back in the Debrief game and only a little rusty.


Timestamps & Links

- Trailer talk

    - Battle of the Super Sons (09:06)

    - The Munsters (11:24)

    - Clerks 3 (15:31)

    - Robocop: Rogue City (18:22)

- James Webb Space Telescope is RAAAADDDD! (20:39)

    - Cool Hubble/JWST comparison site

    - Good explainer vid from Dr. Becky

- So The Samaritan is real? (26:34)

- Howard Von Doom (28:40)

- CW "So...

Mark as Played

It's that time again, the boys are bringing you another geektastic film out from the vault of obscurity to tell you all about it! Are you tired of all the serious grim grit of the DCEU? Suffering from Batman fatigue? Sick of waiting around for Superman? Wonder Woman left you cold a couple Christmas' ago? Don't you just wish your superheroes would stop being so triumphant, and look for them to just sit around being horny and unsu...

Mark as Played

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