Harriet Minter Presents: Badass Women’s Hour

Harriet Minter Presents: Badass Women’s Hour

Need a weekly dose of career inspiration, smart talk and badass advice? Then join Harriet Minter for Badass Women's Hour and her brilliant guests as they cover life, love and living plus everything in-between. Presented by Harriet Minter (Journalist and Broadcaster). Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @BadassWomensHR #BAWH www.badasswomenshour.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


November 18, 2021 2 mins

Your Badass Women’s Hour Host Harriet Minter is writing a book.

A chick-lit novel, (arguably) the best and most critiqued genre.

First-time fiction writer Harriet will take you along for her writing journey.  Every week you’ll hear from authors who have been there and done it, as they share their processes and tips with Harriet and help her with problems she comes up against in her writing.

How do you create a compell...

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Can you believe this is the 400th episode of Badass women’s hour? Throughout Harriet has talked to some incredible women, but if you have been here from the start you'll know it wasn't just Harriet. In this final episode of the podcast, we’ve reunited the original Badass Women’s Hour team to reflect on some standout moments, what’s been achieved and what we’re taking forwards. 

If this is the first episode that you’ve liste...

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Everyone will experience feminism differently, especially women of colour, but are we leaving BAME women out of the conversation? Harriets guest is MP and author Rabina Khan, who argues that the feminism movement is being led by white women and that the platform isn't equal.

Also in this episode, we're all free! So now what? And one listener really doesn't want to go back to the office, so can they just quit?

Presenter: Harri...

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Do you feel comfortable saying no to people? Harriet is joined by Michelle Elman, who thinks we should all be a bit more selfish. Michelle talks about how to find and set your boundaries, some ways to enforce them that won't get you fired, and how to use them to get the most out of your dating life. 

Also in this episode, Harriet's take on the fallout from the euros final. And one listener is suffering from imposter syndrom...

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“It’s not you, it’s me”, come on you’re better than that!

This week comedian and author Rosie Wilby is explaining to Harriet how you can break up better and she’s speaking from experience, Rosie was dumped by email back in 2011 and since then has been researching the art of the break up resulting in her book and podcast; The Breakup Monologues. 

Hear why being dumped is chemically the same as withdrawing from a drug, whe...

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Just because you're young doesn't mean you're exempt from getting life-altering illnesses. In this episode, Harriet is joined by two badass women who are living with such conditions. Rosie van Amerongen lives with bipolar disorder and found that running was a way that she could manage it. Then, Emily Johnson was diagnosed with arthritis, and it's changed the way that she lives every day. Harriet talks to both women about what it's ...

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Some of us are accustomed to seeing people like us as the main characters in the books we read. But for many, that isn't the case. Harriet is joined by Sabina Khan, author of Zara Hossain Is Here. Harriet and Sabina discuss the importance of being able to identify with the people we're reading about, and how Sabina's own experience shaped her writing.

Then, how often do you buy now, pay later? It seems so tempting, but these ser...

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Hormones are one of the biggest factors in how we feel and act; to understand them is to understand our bodies better. Harriet is joined by Amy Thomson, the founder of Moody Month, an app that helps you optimise your everyday physical and mental wellbeing, partly by tracking where your hormone levels are. Amy is also the author of Moody: A 21st Century Hormone Guide, which shares some of the research and science behind how our horm...

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For those who have experienced it, motherhood is a life-changing event, and everyone's experience of it is vastly different. Harriet is joined by author Pragya Agarwal, whose own experience was strewn with difficulties - from a tainted blood transfusion - to the pressure put on both her and her unborn baby regarding gender. Pragya's book M(other)hood explores how women of colour and women of different socio-economic ...

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Boys and men are routinely diagnosed as autistic more than women and girls, who're often wrongly overlooked. One of those women was this weeks guest Holly Smale. It's only since Holly sold millions of copies of her book Geek Girl did she realise that she and the character in her book were living with autism. Harriet and Holly talk about what led Holly to get this diagnosis and what having it has made her realise about her life.


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What makes a badass woman? Well, we've got two on the show today. Michelle Kennedy is the founder and CEO of the app Peanut, which provides community and support throughout all stages of motherhood. Recently, Michelle has taken on the mammoth task of changing the language we use to describe women and their bodies. It's time for words like "geriatric", "inhospitable" and "serial aborter" to go. 

Then Josie Llo...

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your parents are people too. This week Harriet is joined by author Elizabeth Miki Brina who’s new book Speak, Okinawa: A Memoir reflects on the relationship between children and parents.

Also in this episode, Harriet discusses the sit-in at the University of Warrick that’s challenging rape culture. And one listener feels like she’s been belittled by her boss, so is it time to go?

Presenter: ...

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Are bras a thing of the past? We've all been spending a lot more time at home over lockdown, and for many of us, that means dressing down too. Does that mean it's finally time to ditch the bra and free the nip? Or is that only for a select few?

Then Harriet is joined by Tineka Smith and Alex Court to talk about life as a mixed-race couple. After Tineka was the victim of a racist attack, the two wrote their book Mixed U...

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Do you feel strong? Journalist and author Poorna Bell talks to Harriet Minter about how she found both inner and outer strength when she took up powerlifting. Poorna’s new book “Stronger” looks at what society tells us about women’s strength and turns it on its head.

What about when you go and speak to your doctor? Do you feel strong then? A new study discovers that twenty percent of women who went to see their do...

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How do you come back from something as horrific as a verbal racist attack? Well for nature writer Anita Sethi the answer was clear, it was to walk 268 miles across the entire Pennine Way. Anita tells Harriet what she learnt about herself and the world along the way and the importance of having a good map.

Also, it’s been a tough year, so why are some of us feeling more anxious now that lockdown restrictions are lifting? And what...

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We’re talking about bodies. Recently we’ve seen the first plus-size model on the cover of Playboy magazine, but we’ve also seen the death of beloved TV personality Nikki Grahame as a result of her battle with anorexia. Harriet is joined by Gemma Oaten, the actor and now manager of the charity SEED who’s own journey with anorexia started at an early age.

This week, a listener question that’s all about dating. As we emerge fr...

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Due to the passing of HRH Prince Phillip, Harriet reflects on the notion of grief with Cariad Lloyd.

Cariad is the creator and host of Griefcast, a podcast where she tries to break down our fear of talking about death, and even if we’re allowed to laugh about it. Cariad saw the interest in Greifcast rise and it has continued to do so since she had this chat with Harriet back in 2019. 

Also in this episode, how do we...

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When is standing out a good thing? When is it a bad thing?

In this week's episode, this subtopic flows throughout Harriet's two interviews. Firstly, Harriet meets with Dr Wanda Wyporska to discuss the recently released report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities and she hears about the harm that this report might bring, Wanda's experience with intersectionality and why the BAME term leaves all minorities ou...

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When you say “20 years ago”, it sounds more like the 1980s than 2001, right? Well, things were very different then and this week Harriet dives into author Elisabeth Spencer’s experience of raising and supporting her trans daughter; the challenges, the emotions and the lessons, all of which are extended upon in her new book.  

Harriet also discusses how commonplace sexual harassment is in the school system, and tackles ...

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When you think of a scientist, what do they look like? According to this week’s incredible guest, Prof. Sue Black OBE, it’s probably an old white man in a white coat isn’t it? Harriet is joined by Sue for a full-length chat about her tough start in life, the joy of getting older, and women in the tech space, from past, to present, to future. Also on this week’s episode, Harriet discusses the aftermath of the Sarah Everard protests ...

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