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May 1, 2024
102 - Live In The Vineyard #1

In episode 102 of “Have Guitar Will Travel”, presented by Vintage Guitar Magazine, host, James Patrick Regan is at the “Live in the Vineyard” event in Napa, CA and he’s speaking with a host of up and coming Country Music Stars including Owen Riegling, Anderson Daniels, Drew Baldridge, Callie Twisselman, Rodney Atkins and Callista Clark, and with all of them he covers how they got their start, where they’re going from here and of course their guitars. First: Owen Riegling from Mildmay, Ontario Canada. In 2023, Owen's career soared to new heights as he signed with Universal Music Canada, released chart-climbing singles, embarked on a nationwide tour, and surpassed 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners. Second is Anderson Daniels originally from Albertville, MN now residing in Austin, TX. Anderson has previously won New Artist of the Year and is currently the most nominated artist in the Midwest Country Music Awards history. Third is Drew Baldridge, Hailing from Patoka, IL, Drew Baldridge is a powerhouse in the music industry, with an astounding 2.3 million streams per week and over 350 million total streams of his music. Drew created his own label, Lyric Ridge Records, named after his son Lyric, to take his own songs to country radio. Forth, from Pasó Robles, CA, is Callie Twisselman, Callie is a fellow “Wine Country” Californian who grew up on her family’s seventh-generation grain and cattle ranch on the Central Californian Coast. She moved to Nashville, TN in 2017, where she’s been working with critically acclaimed manager, Danny Nozell. Fifth up is veteran country star Rodney Atkins. With an impressive track record boasting eight Top 5 singles, six No. 1 hits, and a staggering 3.8 Billion career streams, Rodney Atkins stands as one of Country music's most prominent artists. Rodney's impact on Country radio is undeniable, with his Platinum-selling No. 1 hit "Watching You" earning him a prestigious BMI "Million-Air" award and securing the top spot on Country Aircheck's list of top-played songs of the decade. Finally we have Callista Clark… Joining Opry NextStage’s class of 2022, Callista Clark has been featured two years in a row on Billboard’s annual “21 Under 21” list and was the youngest member ever named to CMT’s Next Women of Country in the 2022 class. Again, Please like, comment and share this podcast! #LiveintheVineyard #OwenRiegling #AndersonDaniels #DrewBaldridge #CallieTwisselman #RodneyAtkins #CallistaClark #VintageGuitarmagazine #VintageGuitar #guitar #Guitar #acousticguitar #theDeadlies #guitarfinds #haveguitarwilltravelpodcast #guitarcollector #Travelwithguitars #haveguitarwilltravel #hgwt #HGWT

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