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June 13, 2024
111 - Elliot Easton (the Cars)

In episode 111 of “Have Guitar Will Travel”, presented by Vintage Guitar Magazine, host James Patrick Regan speaks with Guitarist Elliot Easton, from the Cars, the New Cars, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, the Tiki Gods, the Immediate Family amongst others. In their conversation we discuss: His current activity filling in for Waddy Wachtel in the Immediate Family Band (while Waddy is the musical director and guitarist for Stevie Nicks). Elliot tells us about a Les Paul he had made, a concept guitar “what would a 1964 single cutaway look like”. Elliot tells us about his “Tiki Gods” project that ended up on the Jackie Brown soundtrack. Elliot takes us back to Massapequa Long Island and tells us about his parents influence on his musical taste and his upbringing and his experience at Berklee school of music in Boston. They discuss gear throughout the interview and Elliot talks about his signature guitars… 5 in total. They discuss the benefits and drawbacks of being a left handed guitarist.. and his relationship with the owner of Grayson’s music store where Elliot bought his first Fender Telecaster. Elliot tells us about his relationship with Guitar manufacturers, Fender, Gibson, Martin, Dean and more! Elliot takes us through the beginning of the Cars and how they got their initial record deal. . Elliot has a strong social media presence and does a great job of explaining some of his iconic solos on YouTube and you can find out more about the Cars at their website: . Please subscribe, like, comment, share and review this podcast! . #VintageGuitarmagazine #ElliotEaston #theCars #theNewCars #VintageGuitar #guitar #Guitar #theImmediateFamilyBand #FenderCustomShop #TikiGods #GibsonCustomShop #MartinGuitars #GuitarHero #theDeadlies #guitarfinds #haveguitarwilltravelpodcast #guitarcollector #Travelwithguitars #haveguitarwilltravel #hgwt #HGWT . . .

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