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April 9, 2024 7 mins
In the early days of Saber Guild, around 2010-12, what eventually became known as Saber Guild Temple Prime (local and founding chapter in southern California) used to have a pre-show before their regular performances, a STAR WARS version of the Abbot and Costello classic comedy routine "Who's On First." It's purpose was to get the audience laughing and settled in for the choreographed lightsaber performance that awaited them later on. That pre-show STAR WARS comedy routine was called "Who's on Tatooine." I do not know of any surviving quality audio recordings of "Who's on Tatooine." However, Stephen (SG-008) and I (SG-016) recorded our own version of that routine at around that same time period, using the same script. The first half of this podcast is that recording, now a decade and a half old. I decided to publish that routine again here, as it is hilarious and nostalgic for those of us that were a part of those good old days in the STAR WARS fan community. Following "Who's on Tatooine" is a replay of "Who's the First Ensign," which as you might guess is our STAR TREK version of that skit. We hope you enjoy it! - Commander Joe
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