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In My Non-Expert Opinion

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February 19, 2024 80 mins

Cat Marnell didn’t make money so the world could see her, she made money so she could see the world.

Author of NYT-Best Seller How to Murder Your Life, and the Audible original Self-Tanner for the Soul: How I Ran Away to Europe and Found My Inner Glow (When Life Got Dark) sits down with Chelsea in the middle of her writing retreat in Greece.

They talk about travel (and the beauty of being a stranger in a foreign country),...

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Money isn’t the only metric of success. In today’s episode, Chelsea shares 10 other ways to look at success, and how you can stop comparing your Stripe account to everyone else’s.

Full transcript can be read HERE.

Connect with Chelsea:

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Definition of "pivot" from Oxford Languages: "(especially in a business context) completely change the way in which one does something"

When should you pivot? What if you lose everything you've built? What if it... just doesn't work the way you imagined?

Chelsea shares her own pi...

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It's time for Chelsea to whip out her crystal ball and share her 2024 audio and media predictions!

Some things her Magic 8 Ball told her:

  • Spotify and other podcast platforms will introduce a live chat element for podcast hosts to interact with listeners
  • Social platforms will expand into the podcast space to meet market demands and investor expectations
  • The rise of subscription/paywall content and individuals will ...
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Can you believe it's the final episode of 2023? Before we dive into the excitement of 2024, I've got a treat for you – it's the most downloaded episode of the year, my business year-in-review.

Why is this episode such a hit? Well, I'm a bit of an oversharer by nature. I believe in transparency because, let's be real, when we're open about our wins and losses, it helps everyone stop the comparison game. In to...

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OMG, HOW is it the end of 2023 already?! Get ready for one of your fave episodes of the year - personal year in review!

This isn’t the airbrushed version of the lessons I’ve learned, because I don’t think that benefits anyone. Nope, instead of the tired clichés you’ll often see around this time of year, we’re gonna boldly look right in the face of all of my triumphs and failures.

Things I no longer want to put up with: situationshi...

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The holiday season is here, and motivation for getting work done is dwindling. We want to laugh, chill by the crackling fire, eat candy canes, and gossip at holiday parties. Today’s episode is giving post-holiday party gossip fun - it’s a re-air of Samantha Daily’s podcast, "Make Shift Happen," that I was featured on as a guest. It's the audio equivalent of the holiday cookies you’ve been craving.

Sam and I dive ...

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WTF goes on behind the scenes inside the life of an influencer? I have a VERY inside baseball view of the influencer industry, and I’m here to share the secrets. After working in influencer marketing to being an influencer myself, I don’t gate keep. We’re getting into the nitty gritty, so you can see if becoming an influencer or content creator is for you.

You’ve heard about influencers making BANK from one Instagram post. It’...

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Coach vs. Influencer…which one are you? Two incredibly lucrative careers… but neither of them are right for everyone! This is part one of a series where I’ll dive in to the pros and cons of coaching vs. influencing.

I’ve got a unique perspective on both industries.. because I’ve been both! I’ve worked with brands as an influencer and worked in the industry for 6 years doing sales. Later, I built a successful online coaching bu...

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We only have 4000 weeks to live, according to Oliver Burkeman's book titled as such.

How can you ensure you're using that time the exact way you want? Especially with a growing to-do list, never-ending emails flooding in your inbox, and facing the constant pressure to be a good employee, student, partner, friend, sister, etc?!

Before you pull all your hair out and throw your laptop out the window, listen to this ...

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Are you over the meme-ification of Human Design? I am. As a Reflector, I’m constantly told that I’m a unicorn, shapeshifter, and chameleon - WTF does that mean in the real world? How can I use that knowledge day to day?

The internet, especially Instagram, lacks nuance. That’s why I’m so excited to bring today’s guest, Emma Dunwoody, to dig into the real depth of Human Design!

Emma Dunwoody is a Human Design Expert, Master...

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Authority used to be a word that activated my rage. But as business owners, we’re constantly hearing how important it is to “establish our authority.” I always felt this framing set up a weird power dynamic between business owner and client.

Today’s guest, Hayley Lloyd, completely reframed my understanding of authority by introducing the idea of “feminine authority.” Hayley is a Business & Mindset Coach specializing in guiding ...

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Every industry has a guru, spokesperson, or GO-TO resource. For digital nomads, that’s Kristin Wilson.

Kristin, also known as Traveling with Kristin on YouTube and Instagram, is the host of Badass Digital Nomads podcast, the author of Digital Nomads For Dummies, and the Go Overseas Mentor at International Living. Who better to walk us through the digital nomad experience than a contributor to the “For Dummies” series?!

Kristin is a...

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If you’re considering pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle, you need to listen to this episode. Last week, I touched on the ins and outs of traveling full time while running a business. This week, I get into the “invisible” challenges.

In the spirit of keeping it 100% - traveling triggers A LOT of issues. From missing your college friends’ weddings to dealing with gut issues and stress, I want you to go in prepared. After years ...

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It’s time to demystify the digital nomad lifestyle. Traveling full-time sounds expensive and chaotic, doesn’t it? What if I told you I actually save more $, pay off more debt, feel safer, and get more out of life by traveling nomadically?

In today’s episode, we’re getting INTO IT. I discuss:

  • How to choose you’re next travel destination
  • Navigating foreign languages on your own
  • Finding travel communities for the inside s...
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No, you don’t automatically need to go on birth control or Accutane in order to heal your acne. In fact, you probably shouldn’t because both ‘solutions’ come with REAL consequences for your health.

Today’s guests, Danielle Gronich & Kayleigh Christina, are co-founders of CLEARSTEM Skincare, the one-and-only toxin-free skincare line that targets both acne + aging at the same time. A few years ago, Kayleigh was experiencing cysti...

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Imagine opening up your Stripe account, changing the view to “The Past Month” and seeing the number $100,000 on the screen. A $100K MONTH. That’s what happened to today’s guest, Samantha Smith, this year.

Since the last time we spoke on Ep. 159, she’s made her dreams a reality on multiple fronts. Her podcast, Make Shift Happen, reached million downloads on the podcast’s third birthday and she hit her goal of having a $100K m...

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Americans idolize the Brits. They have ROYALTY! The QUEEN (RIP)! The drama of Meghan and Harry! We love to slurp the tea that comes out of the UK, and watch British actors play James Bond or princesses or lead characters in hit romance movies (Hi Notting Hill).

If you’ve got daydreams of moving to London constantly swirling in your head, you’re not alone. But what does the immigration process actually look like? How do you meet new...

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“You’re traveling to WHERE?!” is a question I get often. Isn’t that a place filled with violence? Won’t my phone get stolen in that country? We’ve all heard these comments before traveling to non-touristy spots. But I don’t want you or anyone else to miss out on life-changing places because of misconceptions and stereotypes!

Today, I’m joined by Melissa Bareham, a Purpose and Business coach who is a fellow female solo traveler. You...

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Adult life can be super isolating. Like, how are you supposed to make friends when you don’t have recess, dance class, or a homeroom to bring you together?

I’ve found the keys to the friendship kingdom, and I want to share them with you. Let’s get into how I’ve been able to create new friendships and maintain old ones, even while traveling the world.

Personally, I highly value friendships. I know relationships are the core of my ha...

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