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April 2, 2024 38 mins

In the tumultuous journey of a high-conflict divorce, mastering the art of picking and choosing your battles is not just about preserving your peace; it's a strategic approach to safeguard your finances and emotional well-being. By learning when to engage your attorney and when to step back, you empower yourself to make informed decisions that are both cost-effective and mentally beneficial. Embracing these practices doesn't just mitigate your immediate stress; it sets the foundation for a more harmonious post-divorce future.

Understanding the dynamics of high-conflict divorce demands emotional intelligence and strategic foresight. This episode delves into the essential skills of staying emotionally regulated and maintaining a curious stance towards your attorney's advice, fostering a collaborative rather than confrontational relationship. By asking "why" and understanding the rationale behind legal strategies, you position yourself as an informed and proactive participant in your own legal journey. Following best practices doesn't merely reduce your legal bills; it alleviates the emotional toll of divorce, paving the way for resilience and recovery.

Brett Ward co-chairs Blank Rome’s Matrimonial and Family Law Practice and is a nationally recognized family law practitioner, serving a high-profile client roster that includes celebrities, athletes, politicians, and leaders of global financial institutions. He is known for being a tenacious litigator who has notched many victories against long odds and is an ardent advocate for victims of domestic violence in family court. 

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