Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

Your podcast is an extension of your brand. It helps potential customers get to know you and trust you. It positions you as an authority and thought leader so you become the obvious choice. At least that’s what it’s supposed to do. Too bad yours isn’t. Let’s fix that, in 5-minutes chunks. Just One Tip is a podcast for podcasters looking to grow their authority and convert with greater ease. Host Tim Wohlberg is a 30-year radio veteran who straight up hears things you can’t hear in your show. As a podcast coach he helps entrepreneurs build better podcasts for their business or brand from scratch or can re-rebuild or pivot an underperforming show. In each 5-minute episode, Coach Tim offers up one quick tip that you can implement right away. From tech to content and performance to marketing – if you’re a business owner expecting your podcast to deliver some ROI (not to mention, ROE) then this is the podcast for you. Not to mention grow your audience, generate leads and sales. Make your next episode better than your last starting now. Press play and subscribe. Book a free-15-minute coaching call at https://podcastperformancecoach.com/


November 29, 2022 5 min

Podcasters often think of their schedule when they think about consistency - and it's true, it is important to deliver your podcast on a regular basis. But, that's not the only way to benefit from being consistent with your podcast.

In this episode, I outline three ways you need to be consistent if you want your show to be a success. Here they are:

Publish Regularly

The first way is, you guessed it, showing up when you say ...

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Podcasting is easy.

Just grab a mic and go.

Lots of people are making tons of money podcasting. 

These are lies. Or at best, half truths. 


In this episode, I get real with you about some of the harmful industry lies being told to podcasters. But don’t worry, it won’t be a total downer because I also share ways to make these lies true, somehow. 

Let’s get to the key myths or half truths I hear all the time. 

This episode was inspi...

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Great content, check. Professional mic, check. But your podcast still sounds like crap? It could be where you’re recording. 

Let me tell you something you may not want to hear if you’ve spent a lot of money on a mic (or any money, for that matter). Even the most professional-level mics will sound like crap in a bad environment. 

So, what makes a space bad for podcasting? The number one thing is going to be the acoustics of your pod...

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I don’t want to alarm you but, ahem, I do make mistakes. Not many. Like, maybe 5 in my whole life. 

But, like all entrepreneurs, I’ve learned from the ones I’ve made so in this episode, I thought I would share the ones I made when I launched my very first podcast which I launched way back in 2015.

These are pretty common mistakes and despite having decades of experience in Radio, I still made them. Here are the 5 key mistakes I mad...

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Do you spend hours in conversation with your guests just to get one juicy story out of your guests? Have you ever wondered how talk show hosts and professional podcasters manage to get the best stories out of their guests in such a short time? 

It’s not magic. It’s called pre-production. 

In the world of NPR or late night talk shows, there’s a team of people making sure that the host knows just the right thing to ask the guest to t...

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You've heard of podcast fade (when eager new podcasters can’t keep up the pace and their show dies away), but I'm hearing a lot of podcast mic fade. This is when the host’s (or guest’s) voice slowly drifts off. 

Let’s talk about what this means to your listener - after all, the show IS all about them and their experience. In a best case scenario, the listener is let down as you start to fade away. Their excitement about lis...

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I talk to a lot of podcasters in my free 15- minute coaching calls and hands down the most common thing I hear from podcasters is that they want Joe Rogan level success in their podcasting niche. 

Seriously, this is the most common goal I hear from podcasters.

And, I get it. Who wouldn’t want to have a show where you seemingly show up, turn on your mic, party with interesting people, and then get paid millions of dollars? I’ll take...

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Sometimes I listen to a podcast and I can almost see the questions the podcast interviewer is asking. I picture them clutching to these questions like it’s a floating door next to the almost sunk Titanic. 

Somewhere, someone in the podcasting world told people to create 5-8 stock questions and ask every guest the same questions. I get it. It offers consistency. And, I will admit, it has worked for some. But, I’m sorry to report, it...

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Get your grubby hands off me! 

If your mic could talk, that’s what it would be saying. There is one time and one time only that you should be touching your mic and that is when you are setting it up at exactly the right position.

Listen to https://podcastperformancecoach.com/001-podcast-mic-placement/


Watch this podcast mic placement video:



And this podcast mic placement video:


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There’s this thing that happens to athletes when they over train. They over-analyze every stroke, swing, or step. They start to overthink what they are doing. Their motions and reactions become too premeditated, too stiff, too awkward. The pressure to perform mounts… and then, usually when it really matters, they choke. 

I hear something similar with podcasters. They don’t choke necessarily, they just stop sounding like themselves ...

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Jayna Marie’s Promotion Plan Generated Massive Downloads in the First 30 Days

It’s the dream. Launch a podcast and instantly have 30,000 downloads. ‘Huge downloads’ is certainly the most common goal I hear in my free 15-minute coaching calls!

The problem is, it’s not a reality for most new podcasters. (And it might not even be the best goal… more on that further down). 

But, one of my clients, Jayna Marie, recently pulled it off. S...

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Where do you put your promo? Are you asking for something right out of the gate? Do you like to sneak it in the middle? Or are you closing with your CTA?

There are a lot of opinions about the best placement of your call to action and in this episode, I’m going to challenge you to shake things up a bit. 

Now, I’m not a fan of hearing a call to action right off the top. I mean, come on man, I just got here and you’re already asking m...

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Just because you’ve said it 100 times doesn’t mean someone has heard it 100 times. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can toss it away like a 2 month-old iPhone. (Apple slam!)

I hear this all the time. It happens in podcasts and in YouTube videos and, full disclosure, I recently got called out on it too! 

Throwing away the most critical lines. You know, the ones that you say every episode? Calls to action like “subscribe”, and “down...

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Make a sticky note and put this up in your podcast studio: The Weight is in the ‘Why’, Not the ‘Who’. 

Let me help you decipher this one. The weight or the value of each episode comes from why someone would listen NOT who you have on your show.  

Let that sink in. Why, Not Who. 

The reason I wanted to share this with you today is because I see this mistake all the time. 

I see titles that are just the guest’s name. 

I hear people s...

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So, you got the most expensive mic and you thought that would make you sound great. I have bad news for you. The best mic can still sound like crap if you’re using it wrong. 

If you want to sound great, you need to have good mic technique. I explain all about proper mic placement in my very first episode.  And, I warn you about the biggest mistakes people make with their mics in episode 134 as well as getting the most out of your i...

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One of the best parts of what I do is getting to meet so many podcasters. I love it when they bring their problem podcast or podcast dreams to me. 

And, with hundreds of coaching meetings under my belt, I can see the patterns. Every podcaster or would-be podcaster is different, but their problems often boil down to similar mistakes.

In this episode, I’m sharing the 5 most common mistakes I hear podcasters making (listen to the whol...

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The Podcast Lesson I Learned from a Burly, Tattooed Biker


You’re out there minding your own business when suddenly you come face to face with rather large, tatted up biker who forces you to see things a different way. 

This literally happened to me in my twenties on a long stretch of mountain highway. It’s an incident that has stayed with me for many decades because it taught me a huge lesson. In fact, it was that paradigm shift ...

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Do you ever feel like you are running out of things to talk about in your podcast? 

You are not alone. I hear this challenge from a lot of podcasters. 

The good news is that there’s gold hiding in your past episodes!

I’ve talked before about how to use past topics to inspire fresh topic ideas (check out episode 056 “How to Brainstorm your Podcast Ideas” or episode 024 of Just One Tip “5 Ways to Generate Podcast Topic Ideas”) but th...

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Do you ever feel like you’re talking into a great empty void? Like your podcast is out there floating around and nobody is listening? 


It can be so demoralizing!


In this week’s episode, I share a blast from the past to help you see that what you're doing as a podcast host has more impact than you know. 

This message from my past came in the form of a comment on a radio station’s Facebook page. The DJ had asked the question ...

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Who doesn’t want to have the number one podcast? Pretty much every podcaster, right? That’s why marketers keep promising it to you. But, you shouldn’t bite. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of ads lately offering you up a guaranteed #1 podcast. 

It reminds me of my life in the radio biz and that dreaded time ... RATINGS!

If you were lucky, ratings meant good things for you and your crew. If you were up, you were safe. If ratings were down (...

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