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September 11, 2022 40 mins

This episode we talking Big ol Bitties how big should breast be before they are not sexy? is there a such thing as too big? Also we go in on a man getting picked up by a Stud Stripper! and do you feel that a man should buy drinks for a bunch of women if they are together or just the one he likes?    Lets Talk Crazee Podcast Tune In , Subscribe and Share   Live on: Facebook YouTube  Twitch Periscope(Twitter) MixCloud  Hear us on: Iheartradio  ITunes Podcast  Breaker Podcast Google Podcast Pocket Cast Podcast  RadioPublic Podcast  Spotify Spreaker Deezer Podcast Podcast Addict MixCloud Podchaser   Lets Talk Crazee Podcast  Da Evening Rush Network Tune In , Subscribe and Share

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