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January 20, 2020 109 mins

In the 30th episode of the Fountain Street Church podcast, Listening At The Fire, host Virginia Anzengruber shares the panel discussion Sarah Nawrocki moderated from the FSC Screen Club event featuring the Netflix series, Stranger Things.


Panelists include: Shirley Griffin, Director of Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival; and Sarah Nawrocki, Director of the Wealthy Theatre; and Tony Griffin, Co-Founder of Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival. Support Thriller! Chiller! by visiting

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This episode is sponsored by The Wealthy Theatre. A proud service of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center, Wealthy Theatre is a beautifully restored historic landmark, upgraded with state of the art technology. Originally opened in 1911, Wealthy Theatre is now a community venue and free speech platform that is home to a diverse range of stage productions, concerts, movie screenings and more. With two traditional auditoriums as well as dance studios and meeting rooms, the Community Media Center’s Wealthy Theatre is equipped to host a wide variety of events. For more information on rental opportunities or upcoming events, please visit


Episode Credits:

  • Producer/Host: Virginia Anzengruber
  • Editor/Sound Recordist: Virginia Anzengruber
  • Special thanks to: Sarah Nawrocki, Tony Griffin, Shirley Griffin, and Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival
  • Theme song: "Alone Again" by Kingsbury. Her new song "In My Brain" is available on Spotify, and her single "Blurry Now" is featured in the newest season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, and the new music video for "All Gone" is now on YouTube.
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