Mom Coaches Getting Clients

Mom Coaches Getting Clients

Ever wish you had access to a coach who can help you create consistent clients in your coaching or mentoring business? That’s what you experience once a week by listening to the Mom Coaches Getting Clients Podcast hosted by Kathy Stowell of Bliss Beyond Naptime. Kathy’s area of expertise is helping moms who are coaches, mentors and guides create more consistent clients until they get booked out solid. Simplifying and breaking down your big income goals down to doable, blissful steps is the go-to strategy in all of Kathy’s training and core philosophy. You’ll leave listening to each episode inspired to keep it simple, while also empowered to follow through on each strategic set of steps designed to see you creating results. Primarily, getting coaching clients!


February 18, 2024 21 mins

As well as being a mom coach you are also a mom. It's an understatement to say we have a lot on our plates. So it's important that you get the regular reminder that you're more fabulous than you sometimes give yourself credit for. You're accomplishing more than you realize. You are enough. In fact, you're fabulous.

Let's explore how and why we forget these important facts: your coaching is needed in the world; you're getting exact...

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Working part-time hours and making a full-time job income is the holy grail for most moms who day dream of their coaching business reaching the pinnacle of success. But how exactly does that work? And what is even the definition of working part time as a mom coach?

We're going to explore what this can look like, and maybe even more importantly, what your days will feel like as you explore what makes sense lifestyle-wise when it com...

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January 19, 2024 18 mins

If you are marketing yourself as a mom coach chances are very good you're surrounded by others who are also in the coaching industry. And then it's easy to forget that not every one speaks the same language as us. This exotic dialect called coach speak. It's helpful to bring your attention to what you're saying and making sure that you're potential client is speaking the same language.


Are you saying what it is you do in a crysta...

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Having a coaching business is going to bring up a lot. Being a mom naturally brings up a lot of our own childhood trauma and patterns that we might have thought have been long put to bed. But surprise, they're still there. This is why it's so important for us to be living a life outside of our mom coaching biz. It's going to come up in other scenarios and situations and might be easier to flag. This is why this one practice I'm goi...

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Do you choose a word for the year for your mom coaching biz? Knowing that I have a tendency to chase shiney objects I design as many anchors I can to my coaching business so I stay grounded, focused and moving toward my goals. And choosing a word of the year, like choosing a niche, is a ritual I dive into each year and I share with you some pointers on how to come up with yours in this week's podcast episode.

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Worried you're not going to hit your revenue goals as a coach this year? Or worried that your clients aren't getting the results they want from hiring you as their coach? Worried that the internet is going to cut out in your next live webinar? There really is an endless things to worry about in life and business. And it can be exhausting, paralyzing and even detrimental to your health. Let's take a look at what we can do to ease ou...

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November 29, 2023 13 mins

Ready to hear the best advice if you're just starting out or feeling stuck selling your coaching services? Over the years these three best practices have been revealed to me over and over again. Both in practice and in straight up strategies offered by my own coach. I pass these along to you so you can get started to get back on track doing what works best when it comes to growing a mom coaching business that's simple, sustainable ...

November 23, 2023 27 mins

Your success as a mom coach is a marathon, not a sprint, but it's equally important that you find and celebrate the little and big success as soon as possible on this twisty, turn-y but so worth it career path. I'm going to share with you ways that you can set yourself up for success in your coaching biz as speedy as possible.

How I'm doing this for all of my followers is offering a string of mini-courses this year to help moms who...

November 14, 2023 18 mins


Is your mom coaching business feeling off? Every aspect of your biz is interconnected. If one area is off, you're going to be feeling tingling, sometimes painful sensations, in other areas of your life. I'm here to tell you your coaching business will survive, thrive even, if you take a moment to consider what can be adjusted to bring things back to energetic, and money making alignment.

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Having a mom coaching business entails making alot of decisions. And with change being the only constant in life a regular review of what's working and what could work better is an important ritual to adjust your coaching business for changing economic times or any other shifting factor that life presents.

And 2023 has brought some adjustments to my own coaching business thanks to world events, economic temperature and simply enter...

Are you ready to launch your mom coaching business in the next 30 days? The start of the new year is just around the corner and much like gym memberships, this is the prime time people are investing in working privately with a coach.

And I know that you’re a mom who’s also a coach, and who knows wha...

Imagine your mom coaching business a year from now. Coaching clients are pouring in, you're reaching your income goals month after month and you're thriving as a mother and as a human being. You couldn't have imagined life could be this good. Or could you? Creating a vision board for you coaching business can make some real magic happen. It's at the same time science and not science. I feel like manifested so much goodness in my li...

Adding in different income streams to your mom coaching business is a brilliant strategy to grow your reach, income and clarity on what it is that really makes you stand out. I've been creating ecourses since even before I became a coach twelve years ago and while it is a little extra effort on the front end it's a simple way to not only make more money but to sharpen your coaching, creativity and marketing skills. Let's dive into ...

To niche or not to niche your coaching business is an ongoing debate. In case you haven't noticed. I'm very much team niche. A niche helps you communicate clearly exactly how you can help, your marketing stay consistent, your search engine optimization and grow your confidence as a coach because your expertise is palatable.

Not to mention, it helps you get clients. So ready to find your coaching niche? Here are three proven methods...

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September 13, 2023 19 mins

You have a coaching style already within you. It's just a matter of owning it. The more clear you can get on what you're all about as a coach the quicker you can refine what your signature style as a coach is. And you want to have style! Knowing what you coaching with you feels like makes it easier to sell the experience. So let's explore the five steps I came up with to help you foster yours starting t...

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Hosting a simple event might be just what your business doctor orders to infuse your mom coaching biz with new energy, new followers and most importantly, new clients. And as a busy mom who also happens to be a coach, you don't always have the time, resources, or desire to put together an elaborate happening.

But what if you kept it simple, fun and even online if need be. And did it on the regular so it just gets easier and easier ...

Self-care is proven to boost your bottom line as an entrepreneur. While there's the obvious correlation between better health and more productivity, stamina and ability to focus, it's also a beautiful opportunity to play with the process of coaching yourself through any resistance that comes up when making the time to dive in.

When even something as delicious as self-care feels overwhelming, I like to break it down into bite size c...

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A successful mom coaching business calls for building a compelling brand right from the start. And while hiring a branding expert would be dreamy, sometimes it's not in the budget when you're first starting your business. Here are some pointers on how to get started with branding your new coaching services in a way that's authentic, aligned with your values and attracts clients who resonate with your why from day one.


Mark as Played

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To be certified as a life coach or not has been a hot button topic for years now. It's like all the paths in life. There are pros and cons to both options so there really is no right or wrong answer to this question. All I can offer is my story of when I knew I wanted to offer coaching to moms and what my research and experience has brought to the surface. And how sometimes you simply need to create what you wish was available when...

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