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September 1, 2019 26 mins
Books/Articles a Lucy Frucht, “Varian Fry” tribute (1991) and personal communication. b Hertha Pauli, Break of Time, Hawthorn Books, Inc., New York, 1972 (English version). c Hertha Pauli, Cry of the Heart;: The story of Bertha von Suttner, I. Washburn, New York, 1957 (English version). d Varian Fry, Surrender on Demand, Johnson Books, Boulder, CO, Published in Conjunction with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1997; copyrighted and published in 1945. e Diedre Bonifaz, “A Haven in Whateley. The Refugees Who Came to Our Farm,” in The Dispossessed. An Anatomy of Exile, edited by Peter I. Rose, University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst & Boston, 2005; pp. 203-230. f Lisa Fittko, Escape Through the Pyrenees, Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinois, 1991 (English translation). g Rosemary Sullivan, Villa Air-Bel: World War II, Escape, and a House in Marseille, HarperCollins, New York, 2006; pp. 112-113. h Varian Fry, Assignment: Rescue, An Autobiography. Scholastic Inc., New York, 1968, p. 158. I Lucy Frucht, video interview, recorded 18 July 1994, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University (Dana Kline, interviewer); viewed at Brandeis University, 7 August 2019. Florian Traussnig, Military Resistance from the Outside. Austrians in the US Army and Intelligence Services in World War II [written in German]; “The Gallant Story of an Unlikely Soldier – Karl Frucht;” quoted from k Karl Frucht, “From the American Scene: We Were a P.W.I. Team,” in Commentary Magazine, January 1946. l Karl Frucht, Verlustanzeige: Ein Uberlebensbericht (German Edition), Kremayr & Scheriau, Vienna, 1992; with passages translated for me by Wim de Kok, President of World Animal Net, in personal communication, 8 July 2019; and also with Google Translator. m Sandra Joerg-Madone, Switzerland; personal communication, 25 April 1991. n “Healthy Life, ethical ecological and health aspects of meat consumption,” a Pythagoras symposium and exhibition in the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Vienna; 27-29 September 1990. Film A documentary by Pierre Sauvage, And Crown Thy Good: Varian Fry and the Refugee Crisis, Marseille 1940-41, should be finished in late 2020. (Personal communication) Filmmaker Sauvage is also the president of the Varian Fry Institute, a division of the Chambon Foundation (Los Angeles, California) which has its focus on the Holocaust and its aftermath.
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