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Senior Sales Consultant and 18-year trade show veteran, Robin Dean, talks with host Stephanie Chavez about the benefits of an Exhibit Management Program. 

Keep trade show exhibition dependable time after time. Attention-grabbing productions have more going on behind the scenes than you might imagine.

Event exhibition makes you a strong contender in the marketplace, but it's more than just showing up. Don't let that intimidate you. Every week Stephanie dishes up behind the scenes details that will have you showing up in a spectacular way. 

Discover the Exhibit Management Program (EMP) established to keep you on target from delivery to set-up, to break down and storage.  Asset management provides services like paperwork, forms, logistics, shipping, and properly caring for all exhibit inventory from show to show.

You need to be focused on the show. Take advantage of EMP to navigate different size booth areas, ensuring correct graphic sizes, modules, and display items for each exhibit throughout the year.

To work with Stephanie and her fabulous team at The Trade Group, call 800-343-2005 today. Connect with The Trade Group on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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