Paddy Wants To Know Brexit

Paddy Wants To Know Brexit

Paddy Wants To Know Brexit, is a podcast that seeks to explain Brexit to an Irish audience. Each episode will try and explain what's been happening in the preceding few weeks in the messy world of Brexit negotiations and explain how it will affect Ireland. The hosts, Brian Mahon, Jack Good and Niamh Mahon will then interview someone who has something to say on Brexit, it could be anyone from an academic to a farmer, or even someone who thinks Brexit is a good idea.


September 14, 2018 31 mins
In the first part of a two part episode the guys get to know the City of Derry a bit better and how their citizens feel they will be affected by Brexit. In the first episode we talk to Connor Doherty and we talk about the City Deal, and what it could do for the city. We also discuss the the politics of football in Northern Ireland and how that intersects with identity in the region. We also talk with Brenda Stevenson from Der...
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Darren McCaffrey joins the pod to discuss all things Brexit. He draws on his time as Sky News’ Westminster Correspondent and Ireland Correspondent to explain the political drivers and stumbling blocks behind Brexit. We also touch on Northern Irish politics and what Westminster makes of the DUP and Sinn Féin. Will Brexit undermine unionism? Did the Irish government blindside the British public? What to look out for over the com...
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August 7, 2018 28 mins
The pod goes on the road for the time to muck in and see how Brexit is going to affect the pig industry. Tommy Brady’s farm in Ballyjamesduff exports 100% of its pigs up north! He gave the low down on the lay of the land as it is now, emerging markets and the other kind of AI. Like the show? We'd appreciate a review on Apple Podcasts if you do. Follow us at @PaddyBrexit 1:10: How many of Tommy’s piggies go to market i...
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Our 10th episode is a whopper – they say a week is a long time in politics and it has never been truer than the last week or so in Brexit. In this episode we discuss the White Paper on the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU, the chaos that is the House of Commons and the ongoing preparations for a no deal. In this weeks episode Brian interviews Victoria Hewson from the Institute of Economic Affairs, a right wing thin...
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June 26, 2018 38 mins
This week the guys talk about the upcoming summit that's turned out to be something of a damp squib. Paddy Brussels makes a timely return while Aarti Shankar, policy analysist with Open Europe, makes her pod debut. In the first half we discuss with Paddy Brussels: 3:50 Brussels being fed up with brexit 5:10 How the summit has petered out as being relevent to brexit and why the UK backstop position doesn't work 7:53 Is a no dea...
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June 15, 2018 24 mins
The guys play the yes/no game show to catch up on the Brexit backstop. Dr Kathryn Simpson, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Political Economy at Manchester Metropolitan University, then outlines how Ireland has transformed from a 'sponger' to a net contributor in 2014; The popular scepticism in the early 2000s; The nine referenda we've had on the EU; The impact the financial crisis had on Ireland's relationship with the...
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The Irish Border (@BorderIrish) as you’ve never heard it before!  All you ever wanted to know about the Irish Border and the Brexit negotiations and more. Questions include: Will the Irish border question be solved by June? What side of the border does it get out of in the morning? Who owns the fish in Lough Foyle? We are very grateful to an actor for voicing the Irish Border revelations and to the @HSPodNetwork. You can fin...
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In the first half of the show the guys talk about Barnier’s visit to the the border, Dr Kathryn Simpson joins us to talk customs partnership and Max Fac while we discuss whether either of them are viable. In the second half we get the Airbnb view of domestic politics from around the continent with local input from friends of the pod Raphaëlle, Sebastian and Marcel. 17:08: Raphaëlle Bohu discusses the emergence of Macron, the righ...
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April 23, 2018 33 mins
This week’s episode is all about the DUP, dark money and data. In the first half of the podcast we talk about the most recent comments from UK Brexit Secretary, David Davis, and his knowledge of Irish politics. We also discuss comments from the Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney, who said that ‘if there isn’t significant progress towards trying to find a wording that puts in place an operational backstop in the withdrawal treat...
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We're joined by political scientist Marcel Dirsus, an expert in Russian and East European Affairs, to unravel the Russian dolls and make sense of poisoning, gas and fake news. We begin by mapping out the relationship between Russia and the European Union [03:00] The alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal and whether Russia is to blame [06:45] Disunity within the European Union over Russia [10:17] Sending a message on assassination...
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In the podcast this week the guys talk us through the transition agreement struck between the UK and the EU. The whole document can be read [here]( In the second half of the show we talk to Allie Renison who is the head of Europe and Trade Policy for the Institute of Directors. You can follow her on Twitter @AllieRenison.  We've provided an a...
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This week's podcast sees the guys look at Theresa May's speech on Brexit. Did it move the dial enough to provide a breakthrough in negotiations? In the first half they also review the legal text of phase one of the negotiations, focusing in on the border and the UK and Brussels reaction to it. The interview this week is with Ursula Ní Shabhaois, an Irish language activist. We hear why the Irish Language Act is holding up the rest...
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February 21, 2018 14 mins
**Paddy Wants To Know Brexit** is a podcast that seeks to explain Brexit to an Irish audience. Each episode will address what's being happening in the preceding few weeks in the messy world of Brexit negotiations and explain how it will affect Ireland. The hosts, Brian Mahon, Jack Good and Niamh Mahon will then interview an someone who has something to say on Brexit, it could be anyone from an academic to a farmer, or even someone ...
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