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March 23, 2018 43 mins
In the podcast this week the guys talk us through the transition agreement struck between the UK and the EU. The whole document can be read [here]( In the second half of the show we talk to Allie Renison who is the head of Europe and Trade Policy for the Institute of Directors. You can follow her on Twitter @AllieRenison.  We've provided an annotated version of the interview below for those of you hungry to know more! 13:28 Allie talks about what a trusted trader is. For more info read this article from the [Irish Exporter Association]( 19:30 Find out what rules of origin means [here]( 20:10 Read the Labour Party Customs Union position here and compare it to the IoD position [here]( 23:22 Why is agri food regulations a particular concern? This [link]( is helpful.  25:59 We talk about customs officers and the scale of investment necessary to patrol the border in a political non contentious fashion here. Some of the issues discussed can be read in the smart border report 2.0 [here](  33:39 We talk about the opportunities that Brexit presents.  39:49: Are the UK actually cunning in negotiations or simply unprepared?  Big props to @BigDirtyFry for allowing us to use his Derry/Londonderry tune to play us out this week!
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