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March 29, 2023 69 mins

ON THIS EPISODE we interview Sarah Torres & Kwasi Akwamu of the Detroit Jericho Chapter about Mumia Abu-Jamal, the pending important decision Judge Lucretia Clemons is gonna make at any moment, and his situation in general.


  • Join the Mumia Video Challenge: Make a video (1 minute or less) and tag @lovenotphear #FreeMumia #MumiaChallenge #videochallenge

  • Tell the world what Mumia means to you and why he needs to be free!


TELL THE JUDGE TO FREE MUMIA Go to Watch the 6 minute video of Judge Lucretia Clemons, and write a letter telling her to free Mumia!

● Submit or sign-on to a letter at Or email your letter to

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Why is our email DetroitJericho98? The significance of “98”: In 1998, the newly formed Jericho Movement mobilized an historic March and Rally, on March 27 in Washington D.C.. It was attended by over 5000 people, and it unified the call for amnesty, recognition, and the release of Political Prisoners/Prisoners of War held by the U.S. government and its states.

MUMIA Links: • •

Opening Song: Sarah Torres “23 Hours”

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Piper Carter is the founder of 'We Found Hip-hop.' Advocate for Women in Hip-hop, Hip-hop culture, Detroit advocacy, Artistry, and Youth Dilla Day Detroit.

FreeMumia , #Mumia , #MumiaAbuJamal , #FreeMumiaAbuJa

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