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March 6, 2024 101 mins

On this insightful episode of Piper Carter Podcast, we meet the inspiring Sherrie Smith, a Detroit native driven by a mission to cultivate connection and community. Join us as she shares her remarkable journey, culminating in the creation of the groundbreaking Black Farm Finder app.

Sherrie's diverse background, spanning various industries and countless volunteer initiatives, has instilled in her a deep desire to uplift her community. In 2023, her passion blossomed into the Black Farm Finder app, a beacon of innovation connecting Black farmers with volunteers, fostering collaboration and strengthening their agricultural endeavors.

Throughout our conversation, Sherrie delves into the personal experiences and motivations that fueled her app's creation. We explore the challenges and triumphs she faced, from her time as an MSU Extension Master Gardener to her involvement with the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Witness Sherrie's unwavering commitment to nourishing local gardens and empowering farming communities.

Beyond the app's development, we delve into Sherrie's dedication to community engagement through initiatives like Central Communities SOUP (CC SOUP) and her inspiring commitment to helping others achieve their dreams. She also offers a glimpse into her exciting future projects, including two books in the making, her ultramarathon training, and her foray into comedy.

Join us for this captivating conversation as we celebrate Sherrie's extraordinary journey. Discover how technology and a deep-rooted passion for connection are transforming the landscape of urban agriculture and community building. Listen in and be inspired by her story!

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