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November 1, 2023 33 mins
How Adelaide Bartlett got away with murder. The 2023 Shedunnit Pledge Drive and we're already three quarters of the way to our goal! Help ensure the future of the podcast and get your hands on some exclusive audio perks by becoming a Shedunnit member now at Mentioned in this episode: — The Anatomy of Murder by the Detection Club — Sweet Adalaide by Julian Symons Additional books consulted: — The Trial of Adelaide Bartlett, both 1886 and 1927 editions — Victorian Murderesses by Mary S. Hartman — Molecules of Murder by John Emsley — Crime and the Respectable Woman: Toward a Pattern of Middle-Class Female Criminality in Nineteenth-Century France and England by Mary S. Hartman — Chloroform: The Quest for Oblivion by Linda Stratmann — The Secret Poisoner by Linda Stratmann — Closing Argument to the Jury for the Defense in Criminal Cases by G. Arthur Martin Related Shedunnit episodes: — Edith Thompson — The Telephone Call — The Kidnap of Elizabeth Canning NB: Links to Blackwell's are affiliate links, meaning that the podcast receives a small commission when you purchase a book there (the price remains the same for you). Blackwell's is a UK bookselling chain that ships internationally at no extra charge. To be the first to know about future developments with the podcast, sign up for the newsletter at The podcast is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @ShedunnitShow, and you can find it in all major podcast apps. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss the next episode. Click here to do that now in your app of choice. Find a full transcript of this episode at Music by Audioblocks and Blue Dot Sessions. See for more details. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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