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The Slay Girl Slay podcast is a space created to uplift, motivate, and inspire women of color to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams, go after what they deserve, and show up as their most unapologetic, most authentic selves. This audio series was created for every woman who is on the verge of her come up, creating her own vibe, and transforming her life. The Slay Girl Slay podcast is hosted by Ashley Leggs, Founder of AshMedia Network.


May 20, 2024 18 mins
It's giving SEASON 6 FINALE!! At the top of this season we told you how old you, can't solve new you problems. That old keys, do not open new locks. All of you have accomplished something this year, gotten your life to a new level - but may be looking around like, "what now?" If you're unsure on what to do next, feeling uncertain about your future, and you just don't know what to do - this episode was signed, sealed & delivered jus...
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Getting older is a blessing boo, not a curse. This week, Ashley gets into the age-old stigma surrounding aging, especially for women, and flips the script to celebrate our growth and wisdom. She shares personal anecdotes and empowering insights, reminding us of our value, no matter how old we are. Just because your biological clock is ticking, that doesn't mean it's a time bomb sis. Thanks To Today's Sponsors! Make everyday, pay...
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What is something that you do, all the time that helps you progress, and helps you stay consistent with your goals? This week, Ashley shares 4 random life hacks that completely changed everything for her.  In hopes that at least one of these life hacks can change the game completely for you too boo. Thanks To Today's Sponsors! Make everyday, payday…with EarnIn. Use code: SLAY under podcasts when you sign up! Timestamps: 00:00 Po...
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April 29, 2024 20 mins
We've done Hot Girl Summer, but what about a Whole Girl Summer? Where the entire summer you spend time doing things that make you feel whole as a woman? This episode Ashley talks about how to romanticize your summer this year, and how to be intentional about everything that you want to do. Setting themes for your summer, and starting new hobbies. She talks us through how to let go of old habits, old ways of doing things, and old se...
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April 22, 2024 18 mins
We don't have to be perfect, but we should all set some sort of standard for our lives. Standards for our business. Standards for our relationships, we could keep going. Think of one area of your life where you want to see change, and start there. This week, Ashley talks about why having standards in every area of your life is important, and encourages us all to rise up and meet every bar that we set for ourselves. Thanks To Toda...
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April 15, 2024 14 mins
God can change your entire life in a heartbeat boo, and he can use whoever and whatever to do it. If you stick with your dreams, and remember that you aren't doing it alone, anything is possible sis. Your steps are already ordered. You just have to take them. Thanks To Today's Sponsors! Check out the new Clairol Textures & Tones designed with texture & color specialist, and created with you in mind! Shop The Merch! Shop official ...
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April 8, 2024 15 mins
We get wrapped up in our everyday tasks, the to do lists, and the things we have to get done and we sometimes forget the mission. Sometimes you have to come back to the basics and remember why you even started what you're doing in the first place. On the days when you feel like you're not doing a good job within your business, your personal life, or chasing your dreams - remember God validated it, when He gave it to you. Remember w...
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April 1, 2024 17 mins
We can be in such a hurry to get to the next level in our lives, that we miss the beauty in the moments that we currently have. This current version of who you are HAS to exist, so that the next version of yourself can thrive. You are always evolving boo and you will never have this version of yourself again. So maybe take a minute to pause, slow down, and be with her. Thanks To Today's Sponsors! Listen now to Black Stories, Black...
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March 25, 2024 23 mins
If tomorrow, your favorite app disappeared, what would you do? In the event these algorithms change, the market changes, or the industry that you're in changes - can you still move forward with your dreams and the vision you have of your life? If the medium you use to run or market your business goes away, can you still move forward with your purpose. Today's episode is not to give you anxiety, but to hopefully get you to start thi...
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March 11, 2024 15 mins
Most of us, will not treat our own selves, like we would treat our very best of friends. We comfort our friends when they need us. We give them grace, and acceptance. We are ready to ride at dawn, whenever someone does them wrong. But we will not hold ourselves to that same regard. We're not saying your bestie doesn't deserve that kind of love, effort, & validation. We're saying that you deserve that kind of love, effort, & validat...
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March 4, 2024 16 mins
We all have moments of doubt, feeling like we don't measure up or belong. But remember, you're in that room or sitting at that same table just like everyone else. Even if you feel out of place, don't run from it sis. Stand up straight, shoulders back and boobs up. Slide your credentials across the table, and don't be afraid to show people who THEY are in the room with. Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Listen now to Black Stories, Blac...
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February 26, 2024 16 mins
You probably have a good idea you’re sitting on right now, but too busy thinking about how it’s going to work out, instead of just jumping in and trying it. Honestly boo, there's no way to tell how it's going to work - until you see it working. Don't be afraid to follow through on your ideas, and try them out. Get out of your head sis....and just do it. Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Visit to get 10% off your fir...
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February 19, 2024 16 mins
If tomorrow you want to pop out and do something brand new, get out of whatever box someone has put you in - do it boo. The moment you choose not to live your life by the standards that someone else has set for you, there is bound to be somebody who doesn't like it. Some people only want to see you doing as good as they are. But you know what sis? They don't have to like it. And you don't have to care. ** Android Users** You can ...
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February 12, 2024 17 mins
Maybe self care, isn’t just the products and practices we use to make ourselves feel good, look youthful, and be our best selves. Maybe self care, is also learning how to not care so much about things that we can’t go back and change. Worrying about things that haven't happened yet. When we hold on to negativity, and things we can't control - our body is keeping score. And to be honest's not that deep. It was never...that...
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February 5, 2024 17 mins
If it's something you want, go get it. If it's something you want to try, go try it. You don't have to wait for other people to be on board, to do something you want to do. Even if you have to do it by yourself. Most of the time other people will choose what is best for them, their budget, and their timeline. You have to make sure you're doing what is best for you...too. Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Visit and take charg...
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January 29, 2024 22 mins
If you've managed to get yourself to this point in your life, just imagine what ELSE you can do? Where else can you go? If you can see it in your head sis, you can see it in real life. New chapters, are new beginnings and in this chapter - give yourself permission to dream bigger. Because where your energy goes, your focus grows. Put that energy on yourself this year sis. Let this be the year, you keep every promise you've made to ...
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Hey Girl Hey! Popping in to remind you that The Good News Podcast returns January 17th! With new stories, new obstacles, new victories & a brand new season. Subscribe now and listen on all audio platforms January 17th. The Good News podcast is produced by AshMedia Network. (PS!! The Slay Girl Slay podcast returns January 29th!) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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December 18, 2023 22 mins
Sometimes it feels like we're not moving fast enough throughout life. Sometimes it feels like we're not moving at all. When you find yourself in a season of waiting, or maybe you had to take a few steps back in can feel like God has forgotten about you. Everyone wants to make big "announcements" and post their big wins, but no one talks about the small moments you go through to get there. Sometimes it may feel like nothin...
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December 11, 2023 17 mins
Don't let the unknown stop you from progressing. Don't let what you don't know, stop you from what you can learn. How will you know what you are capable of, if you continue to do the same things you always do? Best case scenario, things work out in your favor. Worst case scenario, things still end up working out in your favor. So honestly sis....what's the worst that can happen? Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Listen to "See The Thing...
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December 4, 2023 22 mins
As you prepare yourself for this next year boo, do not be hard on yourself because you didn’t get everything done this year. Give yourself some grace, and look forward. This week Ash gives some tips & tricks on preparing for a new year, setting intentions, and gets you thinking about what you may need to start doing (or stop doing) in the new year to start hitting some of your goals. Thanks To Today’s Sponsors! Today’s episode is...
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