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Indie authors Angeline Trevena, Holly Lyne and Julia Scott discuss their adventures in self publishing and writer life. Episodes every Monday, juggled around their limited child-free time.


July 3, 2023 45 mins

Hi folks. This is our last episode (for now) as we each move on to other things. We talk about the history of the show, our highlights and struggles and our future plans.

We appreciate each and every listener over the years and hope that we've entertained and informed you and maybe even inspired you.

If you only recently discovered us, you can listen to our entire backlist of episodes and follow each of us in our new endeavours...

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This week, Angeline, Holly & Julia get it all off their chests! They talk about the things in writing and publishing that really get under their skin and have a good old rant.

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June 19, 2023 78 mins

This week, Angeline, Holly, Julia and Shane dig deep into the hot topic of AI and how authors can use this emerging technology effectively and ethically to augment their author careers.

This is a huge topic and this episode endeavours to cover a lot of ground. It's a beast of a podcast!

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This week, Angeline talks to productivity coach Lisa Zawrotny, who works with multi-passionate creatives to develop a different approach to productivity. Lisa talks about why the standard approaches to productivity don't work in creative industries, and how to shift our mindset to look at things differently. She gives her top tips on how to effectively tackle your to-do list, and discusses why energy management is more importan...

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This week, Holly chats with humourous fantasy author, A.E. Kincaid. They discuss getting started in self-publishing and moving on to sign with a publisher. They also talk about using unique author branding to connect with readers and market books.

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This week, Julia interviews Sassy Writing Coach, Cassie Newell and talk about her book 'Writer Fuel' on how to stay motivated to start and finish a novel.

We discuss how and where to find inspiration, how 'starting' looks different from one person to the next, tips and tricks on how to overcome the stumbling blocks along the way, knowing when to pause and how to get back on track once you restart, and more!

Find o...

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This week, Angeline, Holly & Julia discuss how to write romantic subplots, whatever your primary genre. They cover the dos and don'ts and share tips for balancing the romance with the primary plot.

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This week, Angeline talks to editor, librarian, and all-round literature enthusiast, Shelly Zev. They chat about how to keep your excitement alive when your passion becomes your business, the importance of mindset, and how to keep a good work/life balance. Shelly also explains the different types of edits, when an author should be looking to get edits done, and what's happening in the publishing industry today. Read the full sh...

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This week, Julia interviews our worldbuilding warrior, Angeline Trevena about bookish maps and the release of her latest worldbuilding guide 'How to Map Your World'. They cover:

  • How she got into making maps
  • What to consider when placing map elements
  • When maps can be used (not just at the front of a book!)
  • How to commission a map and what to look for in a designer
  • And more!

Find out more at www.unstoppableau...

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This week, Holly reflects on her trip to London Book Fair. She covers:

  • The location
  • Her book research
  • The pros and cons of the convention itself
  • Who might benefit from going
  • Things to consider before you go
  • Hot topics at the event - namely, artificial intelligence

Get all the links and full details at www.unstoppableauthors.com

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This week, Angeline and Julia take a look at a list of science-fiction subgenres. They discuss the definition of each, and explore the tropes, settings, and characters that are found in each subgenre. They also take a look at common science-fiction genre crossovers and give examples of their favourite sci-fi books, shows, and movies. Read the full show notes at www.unstoppableauthors.com

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This week, Julia chats to audiobook narrator Jillian Yetter. They cover:

  • The importance of audiobooks
  • Steps to take to get your audiobook produced
  • The costs involved in audiobook production
  • The effect of AI in the audiobook industry
  • and much more!

Find out more at www.unstoppableauthors.com

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This week, Holly chats with Angela Ackerman, author of the Emotion Thesaurus and its many sequels. They cover:

  • The foundations of realistic emotions in writing
  • Show don't tell
  • Creating conflict
  • Bringing the setting to life
  • and much more!

Find out more at www.unstoppableauthors.com

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April 3, 2023 27 mins

This week, Angeline looks at the growing popularity of the folk horror genre, and discusses all the elements required to write a great folk horror story. She talks about the importance of setting, the necessary plot elements, as well as the main characters required, and what happens in the end. This is the perfect episode for anyone wanting to know more about this flourishing subgenre of horror. Read the full show notes at unstoppa...

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March 27, 2023 51 mins

This week, Angeline & Holly celebrate 4 years of podcasting together with a special episode all about death.

They discuss why you might want to kill off characters in your books and the shoulds and should nots of doing so.

Check out the full show notes at www.unstoppableauthors.com

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In this week's episode, Angeline is joined by romance author TL Clark to discuss her latest release; How to Write a Historical Novel and Love It. They talk about the importance of research, and how to do it without getting overwhelmed, common mistakes writers make, and the importance of historical accuracy. Find out more about TL Clark at https://tlclarkauthor.blogspot.com/ Read the full show notes at www.unstoppableauthors.com
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March 13, 2023 41 mins

This week, Julia chats with five indie author women friends, celebrating International Women's Day and Mother's Day (in the UK). They discuss:

  • Why they write and what drives them
  • What they love about the publishing industry
  • What they find challenging
  • The women they look up to in publishing

See our show notes to find out more about these women and their recommendations, and join our mailing list at www.unstoppableau...

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This week, Holly chats with Sacha Black about her pen name, Ruby Roe. They discuss:

  • Reasons for launching a pen name
  • What was special about Sacha's experience of writing this book
  • How she used her Clifton Strengths
  • Researching the market
  • Creating a brand
  • The most enjoyable and effective parts of writing and promoting the book
  • Mistakes, barriers and lessons learned

See our show notes and join our mailing list ...

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This week, Angeline, Holly & Julia discuss the series of interviews on organisational tools for writers. They look back on conversations with Troy Lambert from Plottr, Evelyn Puerto on series bible creation in Scrivener, and Kristina Stanley from Fictionary. They discuss:

  • What resonated
  • What didn't click
  • The software and organisational tools they use in writing their books
  • What discovery writers can take from these e...
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This week, Julia chats with the creator of Fictionary, Kristina Stanley. They discuss:

  • Elevating your story structure with Fictionary's Storyteller software
  • How to work with Fictionary's certified Storycoach editors
  • How Storyteller can help discovery writers as well as plotters
  • Joining the Fictionary community
  • Kristina's vision for the future of Fictionary
  • and more!

Find out more at www.fictionary.co


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