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June 1, 2024 17 mins
Day 152 of the Holy Bible One Year Challenge. In a heart-thumping season opener, David mourns the loss of Saul and Jonathan with a power ballad, while also being crowned king of Judah, sparking the inevitable 'Who wore it better?' debate with Ish-Bosheth, Saul's son. In John, Jesus gives the ultimate surprise party by popping in on his friends post-resurrection, delivering some holy high-fives and proving doubting Thomas wrong, setting the 'touch and believe' trend for millennia to come! Support the show at Patreon. Find us at Join our Facebook group for further discussion: 2 Samuel: Introduction 2 Samuel 1 2 Samuel 2:1-7 John 20:10-31 Proverbs 13:20-25 Proverbs 14:1-4 You're listening to the "Holy Bible In 1 Year: Dramatized" with Master Storyteller, Michael Wood. Featuring the Holy Bible Easy-to-Read version and used by permission from Bible League International. #bible #biblestudy #bibleverseoftheday #BibleVerseChallenge #AudioBible #audiobible #audiobibles #audiobiblepodcast #audiobiblerecording #audiobiblewithmusic #audiobiblesuperproduction #biblepodcast #biblepodcasts #biblepodcaster #biblepodcast🎧 #biblepodcastforbusypeople
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