The Professionals Playbook

The Professionals Playbook

*Ranked "A 2019 Top Podcast" by Stitcher* Join Air Force F-35 fighter pilot Justin Lee as he interviews world-class performers. From NASA astronauts to NFL Super Bowl Champions to Top Gun fighter pilots to undercover CIA agents--he talks with the top people in their field so that you can be ahead of the curve at your job. He dives into their routines and mindset behind success--exploring decision making, prioritizing, exercise, time management, self-talk, and more. Major Lee has 8 years of experience flying both the F-16 and F-35. In 2016, he was selected as Shaw Air Force Base’s Top Instructor Pilot of the year. In 2017, he returned from Afghanistan where his squadron dropped the most ordnance since the opening days of the war. He has 4 Air Medals and nearly 400 hours of Combat Flight Time. Crush your job using these experts' techniques in leadership, goal setting, family balance, character building, social media, mental toughness, visualization, emotional intelligence, rapport bui... Show More

My guest today is a genius that is changing the paradigm of the world we live in. I don't use those words lightly. He is the Co-Founder of Siri, the digital assistant that's in every Apple device. He is a founding member of, a community of over 200 million members who fight for what's right by shining a spotlight on important issues around the world. He is also a founding member of Sentient, the worlds most well funded artificial intelligence company. He is currently working as the Co-Founder of Viv Labs, developing Bixby, Samsung's digital assistant. He has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications, and holds 26 patents. 

Talking with Adam was an incredible experience. He is one of the few people who has changed the world in a measurable way. His story about Steve Jobs calling him up and offering to buy his company is amazing. He talks about how he managed his time while starting 3 companies simultaneously, how to develop a mental model to predict the future, and his current digital assistant, which the rest of us won't have access to for several years. If you listen to one part, listen to the last 10 minutes, where he talks about the key to his success--verbally stated goals. Below are the topics we discussed along with timestamps:

  • Origin of Siri (min. 02:45)
  • How to know when you can commercialize a passion (min. 06:15)
  • Developing a mental model of the future (min. 10:30)
  • How social media has helped us (min. 15:00)
  • Working with Steve Jobs (min. 17:00) 
  • The Apple culture (min. 24:00)
  • Seeing Siri everywhere now (min 27:00)
  • Future of digital assistants (min 30:30)
  • Developing Bixby for billions of devices (min. 34:00)
  • Balancing security with function (min. 37:15)
  • His personal super-assistant (min. 38:30)
  • Founding Sentient, the worlds most well funded AI company (min. 41:45)
  • Using Sentient computing to find the perfect shoe (min. 46:15)
  • Amazing time management skills (min. 48:30)
  • His key to success--verbally stated goals (min. 53:15)
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