The Robby Row Show Baseball Podcast

The Robby Row Show Baseball Podcast

Professional Baseball Thrower - Amateur Podcaster Welcome To The Show My goal is to provide YOU with as much insight, information, knowledge, and experience that I've accumulated throughout my journey to better equip YOU for your journey!


December 5, 2022 6 mins
Welcome to the Ask Robby Row Segment where I’ll take daily questions from my question platform ( and answer them here on the podcast.
Today’s question is from Terry
“I'm currently 21 years old 6'1. I'm throwing 90-91 topping 92 now. I have a pretty good slider and splitter. How can I get to the next level? Do I need to throw harder? What do scouts look for?”

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Welcome to the Ask Robby Row Segment where I’ll take daily questions from my question platform ( and answer them here on the podcast.
Today’s question is from Mark
“Robby, I work with 12-14 year old pitchers. The challenge is players at this age understanding their lower half. Any suggestions on the they can hinge or load their back leg properly. Enjoy all your content. Th×”

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Welcome to the Ask Robby Row Segment where I’ll take daily questions from my question platform ( and answer them here on the podcast.
Today’s question is from Caden
“I am a 15-year-old 9th grader whose dream is to go pro. I am struggling a little bit with balancing baseball and school. Some days (weeks) I don't even touch I baseball. Any advice?
And how did you balance school and baseball?”

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Welcome to the Ask Robby Row Segment where I’ll take daily questions from my question platform ( and answer them here on the podcast.
Today’s question is from Ryan
“I was wondering if you had any advice about training alone. Im rehabbing an injury and left my college team to train for a year and walk on next year somewhere else. Im training through driveline remote training but I have found it has been...
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Welcome to the Ask Robby Row Segment where I’ll take daily questions from my question platform ( and answer them here on the podcast.
Today’s question is from Cody
“I find it very hard to control my temper and I don’t really make good contact consistently and my mental game is terrible and I’m not really sure how to fix it. Im also not very confident at the plate. I let things get in my head like “don’...
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October 7, 2022 44 mins
If you could go back in time and talk to your past self, what baseball/sports related advice would you give him? Would it be something pertaining to the physical side or the mental side?

In this episode I’ll be discussing the advice I would give my 18 year old self. Then right around the 17 Minute mark of this episode I’m going to include a segment that Harmless ( and I did on our road trip out to New...
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Before the start of the 2022 Regular Season I got offered the role of a “Player/Coach” for the New York Boulders of The Frontier League (Independent Professional Baseball). When I was first offered the role the only things that came to my mind were positive..I had an opportunity to live out two of my passions being playing AND coaching baseball. I didn’t quite explore the potential downsides that could come from doing both aside fr...
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September 16, 2022 18 mins
Staying on the Mental Game for this episode we’re going to be focusing on our thoughts.. What are we thinking during performance? What does our self dialogue look like? Better question would be can we actively change it for the better? Can we be in control of our own thoughts to influence better results on the field of battle?

I’ll be getting a bit nerdy as I discuss examples from my own personal experience as it pertains to the fe...
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September 10, 2022 24 mins
Yoooo we’re backkk! Welcome to season 8!! Yeah, we do seasons on The Robby Row Show Baseball Podcast..who knew!? Anyways, happy to be back.. my 2022 Regular Season just ended unfortunately we lost in the win or go home wild card game so I am currently getting ready to embark on another cross country road trip back to the beautiful state of California. But before I do lets POD shall we!? Checkout a list of topics we’ll be covering i...
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In this episode I'll be joined by Chris Harms AKA Harmless Content to discuss certain ways that we believe a Pitcher can improve on his pitching craft without actually performing the craft (without physically pitching). Meaning what are other ways a pitcher can improve his game knowing we have to somewhat preserve the amount of throws we make in a day.

This episode will be extremely beneficial for those who may be going thru a r...
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Momma Row and I have been talking about doing a Podcast together ever since I started this dang podcast and here we are! Momma Row + Mitch Delfino join the podcast to talk all about having a family while playing professional baseball.

Really interesting dynamic here since my mother, Carol, raised a family while my dad, Rich, played in the late 80’s throughout the 90’s where there was hardly any of the technology that we have acc...
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The Beard and The Brain are back!! In episode 12 of Bearded n The Brains Dr. Josh Heenan and I hop on Twitter spaces to chat all things Major League Baseball, training, the future of scouting MLB talent + genetic makeup, the difficulty of sustaining a career in Baseball, wise words from Troy Scribner, and much more!

If you are interested in training with Dr. Josh Heenan via The 90 MPH Formula Remote Programming platform then be ...
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Watch this episode on YouTube

This episode is unique in so many different ways starting with the obvious being the fact we’re at the park laying down barefoot in the outfield recording this episode which was super peaceful btw and the fact that all 3 of us went to the same small town high school. One of the cooler/more interesting aspects of our journeys in this game of baseball is that Mitch Delfino went...
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Checkout the Full Video Announcement Here
Got some big time news pertaining to my future plans in the game of baseball so decided to sit down with my guy Chris Harms AKA @Harmless_Content to discuss what we got cookin’ up for the 2022 Baseball Season!
All the links from this episode will be included below!

To personally ask me your questions click this link

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Rain Delay - Dugout Q&A
Click Here to Watch on YouTube

(0:30) Is Sleeping on Throwing Arm Unhealthy?
(5:30) How Do You Make Sure to Pronate on Vulcan/Changeup?
(10:06) Do You Have Drills To Keep The Upper Half Closed?
(13:39) Tips to Help Stay Coordinated While Batting?
(17:47) How Do I Stay More Fluid When Pitching?
(26:02) What do You Do w Glove Arm To Create More Velocity +...
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March 17, 2022 32 mins
On this episode I’ll be discussing my entire journey as it pertains to velocity development starting at the age of 8 (the age I’d say I actually started to “pitch”) all the way up until where I’m at currently. Velocity development is by no means a linear path but I do believe some of the things I did early on definitely helped as did some things I did later on in the journey not helping lol. Hope you can get something from this! Li...
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5 Questions taken from a recent IG Q&A

To personally ask me your questions visit this link


1. Does Your Arm Ever Hurt or Get Sore?
2. How Do you Breakdown Batters Movements While Pitching?
3. What Do You Do To Maintain Velocity During a Start?
4. Did You Have A Psychological Issue Throwing After Injury?
5. Can Where You Setup on Rubber Effect Mechanics, Velocity, ETC?

Watch on...
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March 5, 2022 21 mins
On today’s episode we’re going to be discussing how I correlate Pitching (or performance in general) to the likes of seeing a song.. I know.. whoa! Rob’s lost it.. nah stay with me on this one. We’ll be once again diving into the mental game of baseball in hopes to unlock your true full physical potential. Hope you enjoy!

View more Mental Game Content Here

Click Here to checkout my newest eBook ...
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1. How’s The Body Feeling After Playing Winterball? (0:01)
2. Have I ever Considered Playing Baseball Overseas in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia? (2:01)
3. I’m Striding Out Farther and it Helped Command But I’m Not Bringing My Back Leg Thru (3:52)
4. Counter Rotation is Helping Me Get Separation but Making it Hard to See Target. Tips? (6:36)
5. Could Hips Not Being Rotated at Landing Cause Poor Lead Leg B...
Mark as Played
January 28, 2022 41 mins

On this episode of The Robby Row Show Baseball Podcast we’ll be taking a deep dive into my performance from this past Winterball Season. Listen in as I breakdown my season statistics, pitch results, advanced statistics, and more. Find out why I would consider this Winterball Season somewhat of a weird season for me personally. Click the link above to checkout all the content menti...
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