The Skewer Podcast

The Skewer Podcast

A live monthly news revue that satirizes the dumb month that was. Featuring searing op-eds and hilarious debates from Chicago's best writers, The Skewer is a live lit comedy juggernaut that none can resist.


March 6, 2020 83 mins
Another amazing Skewer. Unfortunately we lost host Tom Harrison's opener because he forgot to press the "Record" button. Oh well. The rest of the lineup was pure class. Donna Das discussed the infuriatingly stupid and fake idea of "electability." Dan Lastres explained how Lovecraftian role-playing-games are the perfect way to practice navigating the eldritch shores of 2020. Alisa Rosenthal covered this month in fluff with a recap o...
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The first Skewer of 2020 is one for the ages. erica dreisbach, the champion of goofs, hosts a lineup that cannot be defeated. Onicia Muller offers practical advice to Carribbean politicians looking to use hurricane relief to line their pockets. Sadie Lancrete does one of the funniest fucking bits I have even experienced you have to hear to believe. Tom Harrison tells you about his fun vacation in Spain. And Joe Anderson explores ho...
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December 6, 2019 112 mins
The last Skewer of the 2010s was an all-timer that will forever be one of the best. Tom Harrison let loose with a virtuoso performance of saying the words "ooze" and "goo" as he hosted a truly delightful lineup. erica dreisbach philosophized about the secret sauce that makes revolutions against corrupt leaders actually work. Devin Whitlock exposed the morally bankrupt right-wing scaremongering campaigns convincing your grandparents...
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November 8, 2019 105 mins
The Skewer's fourth birthday bash was a triumph beyond triumphs. With excellent op-eds from Ken Mejia-Beal, Maya Marshall, and Arish Singh, plus a much-anticipated and deeply meta debate between Skewer co-producers Tom Harrison and erica dreisbach, it was a night whose strength and power will live on forever in our hearts. Here's to another year! Tom Harrison - 00:42 News Quiz pt. 1 - 10:55 Ken Mejia-Beal - 20:05 Maya Marshall -...
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October 4, 2019 93 mins
Folks, it's one of the best editions of the Skewer ever. erica dreisbach as ever does a masterful job hosting, leading an all-star lineup of Chicago's best. Maggie Tomasek brings us up to date on the state of true crime content. Alex Borkowski correctly identifies Ross Douthat as one of the Earth's stupidest dullards. Jessie Cadle uses her own mutinous body as an example of why the country needs universal healthcare. And Sara McHen...
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September 5, 2019 83 mins
The Skewer forges on! Tom Harrison hosts a lovely lineup despite his Epstein-addled brain. Roxane West delivers a blistering eulogy of cruel hell-man David Koch. Calle Hack brings us up to speed on the bedbugs in the media. erica dreisbach outlines the death rattle of a social network using Snapchat as an example. And finally, Ray Goldberg and Josephine Maria Yanasak-Leszczynski debate to decide the best way to ensure no moralizing...
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August 8, 2019 84 mins
The Skewer's summer break is over and we're back in business doing that live lit shit you love so well. Our writers were in fine form tonight, hosted by the indomitable Devon Price, who proved that bitterness can sometimes be a powerful tonic. Devin Whitlock wished us a happy Eid, or as happy as it can be in a world gripped by Islamophobia. Alex Morales as Dr. Xavier Machina lamented his inability to end the world via evil science ...
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June 8, 2019 72 mins
The Skewer cannot be stopped! Join host erica dresibach for a night of satirical delights, with op-eds from the illustrious Noa Heinrich, Carly Heiser, and Lily Be, capped off with a debate between Megan Henricks and Tom Harrison (as played by Kevin Johnson). Check it!! erica dreisbach - 0:34 News Quiz with Kevin Johnson - 6:40 Noa Heinrich - 13:15 Carly Heiser - 23:07 Lily Be - 32:46 SKEWER DEBATE: Megan Henricks vs. Kevin Johnso...
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May 2, 2019 95 mins
Is it possible for the Skewer not to kick ass and own? Evidence points to no. Another month in the books means another astonishing show of wit from Chicago's best writers, and what fun it was. Archy Jamjun explores complicated feelings about the ever-expanding shitshow that is the Democratic primary. Sara McHenry takes us on a tour of the fetid prison swamp of the Marvel Movie Marathon. Joe Anderson exposes the hateful sin of horny...
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April 4, 2019 93 mins
An exceptional Skewer, folks, as hero Devon Price guest hosts a lineup of true stars to put the dumb news of March 2019 to rest. Jax Barker kicks us off with a story of grappling with Irish pride and identity even as the community rallies around extremely wrong and racist tropes. Calle Hack breaks down Elizabeth Holmes's mega-confident scammery into a blueprint we can all follow. Bill Bullock pitched a Jussie Smollet redemption veh...
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March 9, 2019 93 mins
The Skewer features our first ever guest host, Skewer veteran Roxane West, hosting a delightful evening full of extremely dope writers! Ken Mejia-Beal schooled us on the truth about treason. Allison Shackelford showed us how to cut through the noise around the Jussie Smollett story. Maria Konopken explained how personally gratifying it can be to see true representation in the seats of power. And Tom Harrison yammered about how sumo...
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February 7, 2019 101 mins
The Skewer returns to howl and wail in 2019! Tom, like a true dungus, forgot to turn the mic on for his opener, which is now lost to time, but the rest of the show is intact and pristine. Em Haverty takes on Woke Brands for failing to responsibly engage in the issues they're trying to make money on. Elaine Orion gives an incredibly thoroughly-researched rundown of the Covington Catholic racist teens. Josh Watkins, election reporter...
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December 6, 2018 100 mins
We close out 2018 with a Skewer for the ages. Host and co-producer erica dreisbach takes the stage for the last time as a non-baby-haver, and she makes it a barn-burner worthy of the occasion. Allie Reid kicks off the show with a proposal to use cults to solve our political woes. Maggie Tomasek gets personal in her takedown of the American medical system and the loathsome DeVos family. Kyna Lenhof refuses to let misogynist coverage...
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November 8, 2018 98 mins
It's the Skewer's third birthday and we're back to deliver a dose of much-needed post-election aftercare. Tom Harrison hosts as Jillian Ebanks, Sadie Lancrete, Will Sonheim, and Ada Cheng each deliver extremely good op-eds and Matthew Marquez debates Lindsay Eanet to decide the next step to fix our ailing country. It's the kind of truly dope-as-hell experience you have come to expect from three years of Skewering, and we're proud t...
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October 6, 2018 102 mins
This October, Tom was stricken by the goddamn flu and could not host the show, nor could he bring the mic with which the show is usually recorded--but that will not stop THE SKEWER! Intrepid co-producer erica dreisbach took over hosting duties and recorded the show with her phone. The quality isn't great, we admit, but if you are willing to slog through, there are numerous goodies waiting for you within, with op-eds from Sonal Agga...
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September 23, 2018 49 mins
Reporting from a packed room at the Hopleaf at Lit Crawl 2018, it's THE SKEWER bringing you that hot hot news satire now in mini-show form! Join us as we represent the best of Chicago's live lit scene with Erika Price's meme anthropology, Archy Arch J explains the fucked-up state of the Thai royal family, and Ian Rigg and Alisa Rosenthal engage in a truly astounding debate to decide who should play Superman in the next big screen a...
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September 6, 2018 87 mins
It's another great great edition of THE SKEWER! Behold the first month in which Tom had no hand in the production or performance of the show, and what a great one it was! erica driesbach continues to be a peerless and incandescent host, as Jeff Phillips shares his plans as the new official Federal Wildfire Czar, Malic White takes the loathsome Louis C.K. to task as Pumpkin the Dog, Josh Watkins exposes the hopeless nightmare charad...
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August 2, 2018 97 mins
Another amazing edition of the Skewer is in the books! Tom Harrison hosted a truly incredible lineup of writers as they delivered incredible pieces on the news of July 2018. Calle Hack brought a middle child's perspective on the death of the Middle Child. Devin Whitlock looked back at the comically corrupt reign of Scott Pruitt. Rosamund Lannin shared a story of how not even the world of the sciences is free from the stranglehold o...
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June 7, 2018 96 mins
Another unmitigated triumph from the hallowed halls of the Skewer. Truly, the Skewer is the Good Time that will never fail and this statement is 100% not hubris AT ALL! The show shuddered with intense goodness! Tom Harrison started the show with a condemnation of weak-ass libs! Cameron Davis pulled out an intensely well-timed sketch as the concierge who brings peace and sensuality to the Korean peninsula. Carrie Cook took a look at...
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May 3, 2018 121 mins
Another triumph from your Skewer friends. erica dreisbach opens the show by proxy. Sandy Lee shares a personal take on the news of the Korean peninsula. Tom Harrison talks about newspaper comics. Nora Regis takes us on a sightseeing tour of Facebook's heinous history. Lily Be calls out the hypocrisy and laziness in white America's response to endemic racism and the particular racism of this month's Starbucks arrests. And Allie Reid...
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