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May 13, 2024 59 mins
Welcome to this special episode, presented by Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation, featuring the Head Coach of the Washington Commanders Dan Quinn. In this discussion, Coach Quinn shares his wisdom on leadership, coaching philosophy, and team development. The video version of this conversation is available on CoachTube for free. The entire Lauren’s First and Goal library of almost 500 courses is also available on CoachTube. These courses are designed to help you develop professionally in all areas of the game. Remember that proceeds go to supporting pediatric brain tumor research and cancer services. Show Notes: Coach Quinn's Leadership Style Challenges in Creating Team Leadership Building Team Alignment Creating an Inclusive Team Environment Defining Important Team Behaviors Importance of Team Behaviors and Culture Learning from Adversity Advice for Coaches Starting Out Importance of Understanding Players' Strengths Advantage of Gaining Perspective as a Head Coach Focus on What Is Most Important as a Coach Making an Impact in Coaching Winning Edge Follow All We Are Doing: Follow us on Twitter/X @CoachKGrabowski. Sign-up for our weekly newsletter. Thank you for supporting our partners: Learn More about Lauren's First and Goal: Make Lauren's First and Goal your go-to resource for professional development. With over 500 courses in the library, essentially any topic you wish to dig into is available. You can find the library on CoachTube: Lauren’s First and Goal. Learn More about Vertical Raise: Vertical Raise is the premier online fundraising platform, using innovative technology to create the easiest and most efficient system available. Raise more money in less time, with a local fundraising coach who works with your team every step of the way to customize the ideal fundraiser. With options for online donations, digital discount cards, premium product sales, and even spirit shops, Vertical Raise has top-of-the-line solutions for every fundraising style. To find out more, visit, and get connected with an exclusive offer on your first fundraiser. Learn More about FirstDown Playbook: FirstDown PlayBook is a coaching tool and program management system with over 35,000 customizable plays, defenses, and special teams schemes. With tools such as video pairing, practice schedules, wristband creation, practice scripts, scouting reports, and a player app, FirstDown PlayBook helps save time and organize your program all in one place. Schedule a 15-minute Zoom meeting with former NFL coach Charlie Coiner or call  (512) 814-6158 to receive a one-week free trial. Or use the coupon code COACH24 to receive a $100 discount on a team membership. Learn More about Modern Football Technology: Battle-tested, Modern Football’s platform provides real-time self-scout and opponent tendencies, while eliminating manual tagging into HUDL, DV Sport, and XOS. Trusted by teams at every level, see how top coaches leverage this platform for in-game decision making and play-calling success. To book a demo, visit Mention Coach and Coordinator Podcast or use the coupon code CC10 when signing up for a demo to receive 10% off your first year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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