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March 6, 2024 30 mins

Paula Brillson is the Managing Attorney at Digital Law Group, a firm dedicated to protecting brands and assisting individuals with intellectual property, licensing, corporate matters, and dispute resolution. Founding the company in 2013, she aimed to offer critical legal services to innovators across the technology, consumer products, and media sectors, guiding them from idea to commercialization. With a history of brokering deals in Hong Kong through her startup Asia Capacity Exchange and serving as Intellectual Property Counsel in the Philippines, Paula brings a wealth of international business experience to her role. Her legal expertise is underpinned by a JD from Rutgers University and admissions to practice law in New York and Washington. Paula has earned a reputation for developing and implementing strategies that build and enforce robust intellectual property portfolios, negotiating numerous client deals, and providing strategic, business-driven advice, particularly in copyright, trademark registration, and IP monetization and enforcement.

In this episode…

How is it that some legal professionals manage to stay ahead of the curve, especially in the rapidly evolving fields of remote work and intellectual property defense? Could the integration of pioneering legal services be the secret to their success?

According to Paula Brillson, a trailblazing managing attorney, the answer lies in a proactive, forward-thinking approach. She highlights the critical role of understanding and navigating the legal intricacies of technology and innovation, ensuring that intellectual property rights are not only protected but effectively enforced. This comprehensive strategy, Paula argues, empowers entrepreneurs and innovators, providing them with the legal foundation and confidence to compete and thrive in the global marketplace.

In this episode of 15 Minutes, host Chad Franzen is joined by Paula Brillson, Managing Attorney at Digital Law Group, to explore the landscape of remote legal services and intellectual property defense. They discuss Paula's journey from telecoms to the founding of Digital Law Group, her innovative approach to providing legal services remotely, and her passionate defense of intellectual property rights for startups and inventors, showcasing her as a pioneer in her field.

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