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May 22, 2024 30 mins

Hailey Hawkins is the Managing Partner at Stott, Hollowell, Windham & Stancil, specializing in estate administration and guardianships. She is responsible for representing incompetent adults as a public guardian and serves as a guardian ad litem in incompetency proceedings. Prior to her legal career, she taught high school math through the Teach for America program in North Carolina. She merged her law practice in 2021, expanding it from two to nine attorneys. Hailey's practice offers individualized guidance through some of life's most challenging transitions, ensuring families are protected and prepared for the future.

In this episode…

Are you prepared for the unexpected turns life might take, and do you know how early planning can protect your future and your family? What measures can you take today to ensure your affairs are in order should you no longer be able to manage them yourself?

According to Hailey Hawkins, a legal expert specializing in the intricate fields of estate administration and guardianships, initiating estate planning early is essential. She emphasizes that tools such as durable power of attorney and healthcare directives can safeguard individual autonomy and alleviate burdens during critical times. By organizing these legal instruments ahead of potential incapacity, individuals can prevent contentious guardianship battles and avoid the significant financial costs typically associated with court proceedings. Hailey explains that such preemptive steps not only protect the legal and financial interests of the individuals but also preserve familial relationships by clarifying intentions and responsibilities before crises arise.

In this episode of 15 Minutes, host Bela Musits is joined by Hailey Hawkins, Managing Partner at Stott, Hollowell, Windham & Stancil, to discuss the critical aspects of estate planning. They discuss the nuances of legal guardianships, the importance of early planning, and strategies for avoiding common pitfalls that can complicate future legal processes.

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