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June 12, 2024 31 mins

Erwin J. Shustak is the Founding Partner at Shustak Reynolds & Partners, with nearly five decades of experience in securities, finance, and financial services law. Based in California and New York, Erwin represents institutions, broker-dealers, investment advisors, and victims of financial fraud. With a history of standing up to bullies since junior high, Erwin finds satisfaction in advocating for the underrepresented. He is also an arbitrator for FINRA, skilled in settling sophisticated financial cases, and has a notable track record of solving intricate disputes.

In this episode…

Facing high-stakes financial disputes can be overwhelming for clients. How can an attorney provide effective advocacy and navigate the complexities of arbitration to secure the best outcomes?

According to Erwin J. Shustak, the key lies in relentless dedication and a deep understanding of both legal and human elements. He emphasizes the importance of empathy and strategic communication, noting that successful advocacy involves not just aggressive representation but also wise negotiation. Erwin highlights that observing different styles and asking the right questions as an arbitrator has refined his approach. By combining aggressive tactics with strategic negotiation, he has consistently achieved favorable results. This method underscores the importance of presenting a compelling case while understanding the nuances that influence decision-making.

In this episode of 15 Minutes, host Chad Franzen speaks with Erwin J. Shustak, Founding Partner at Shustak Reynolds & Partners, to discuss the art of advocacy and arbitration in high-stakes financial disputes. They explore Erwin’s journey from a young lawyer to a seasoned arbitrator, the evolution of securities and financial regulatory law, and the critical skills required to manage a law firm effectively.

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