A Broad Cast - Podcast

A Broad Cast - Podcast

Queen ShanShan spills the HOT tea on travel, food, culture, and the world of beauty. Weekly new guest co-hosts, funny banter about pop culture and just 'off the cuff' conversations. It feels like you're talking to your best friends on a daily basis.... Show More

Laugh, cry and LIVE during this new podcast episode with guest co-host Wendy Dugan and host of the A Broad Cast Podcast, Queen ShanShan. Listeners will get to know that Wendy is a transwoman, a successful CEO and founder of her own construction company, and a dear friend of Queen ShanShan’s. They spill the “TransTea” in this informative, eye opening and revealing episode. If you ever had questions about the Transgender community, then this is the episode that may answer your questions. Wendy shares her childhood experiences to being a young adult man, building a successful career in construction, and being married with three children. She also shares her story of coming out to her family and her children and what life has been like during her transition. What’s gender reassignment surgery and what really happens in the surgery room? What is the difference between transgender and transsexual?  Get ready to learn, children!





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