A Broad Cast - Podcast

A Broad Cast - Podcast

Queen ShanShan spills the HOT tea on travel, food, culture, and the world of beauty. Weekly new guest co-hosts, funny banter about pop culture and just 'off the cuff' conversations. It feels like you're talking to your best friends on a daily basis.... Show More
August 20, 2019 66 min

Let’s face the facts. Everyone has a kink. The art of Fetish is practiced daily and you may not even know it.  The truth is many of us are too scared to admit it or share it with their partners? Do you participate in Roleplay or BDSM? Do you like to be spanked or have your toes sucked? Queen Shanshan and Tyler Gates from TAG Photography explore the world of Kink and the Art of Fetish. Do you want to get kinky tonight?  Queen ShanShan also goes to BeautyConLA and shares her experience in this annual beauty event that happens every year in Los Angeles.


Tyler Anderson Gates contact:

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/tylerandersongates

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tagphotopage


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