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Melanated Kink with Dominus Blue & jaemina - Ep 58

September 10, 201873 min
The folks from Black People Kink Podcast, Dominus Blue & jaemina, drop tons of gems in this week’s episode.  They open up about their 24/7 total power exchange Dominant/submissive BDSM relationship and explain how the dynamic isn’t so different from vanilla couples. We talk monogamy vs. polyamory; dropping the racial terms black & white for melanated & demelanated; why jaemina views her submission as a feminist act; how to be an effective, nurturing, emotionally intelligent dominant; why respectability politics in marginalized communities hampers sexual freedom; inclusivity in kink; healing invisible scars with yoga & more. Sunny gives a nod to the Sex Talk with My Mom podcast as she invites her daughter to guest co-host the intro. The pair concoct an avocado blowbang extravaganza and have some c

Chat About Melanated Kink with Dominus Blue & jaemina - Ep 58

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