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March 4, 2024 46 mins

Are you struggling to retain clients despite successfully attracting them? Do you wonder why great clients aren’t becoming raving fans who refer new business your way? These are often signs that you need to focus on improving your client’s experience.

In episode 377 of Amplify Your Success, we dive into a very powerful strategy to improve retention using client success roadmaps. I’m joined by Megan Huber, Client Fulfillment and Program Operations Strategist, who brings 19 years of diverse experience to support businesses in elevating client experiences for greater profitability and growth. 

From restructuring the onboarding process with mutual growth plans and personalized support along with accountability, Megan and I address a commonly neglected area of business that can lead to massive profitability improvements. We also delve into the importance of creating a supportive client environment and harnessing technology to keep clients connected to their growth plan. 

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Key Takeaways:

07:27 Why the client experience is crucial to differentiate your business in a highly competitive market.

10:40 Filtering out non-ideal clients and how that improves client retention.

14:51 Salesforce emphasizes the importance of client growth as part of retention.

17:15 How to identify your clients real needs and create a supportive client environment.

20:17 High ticket versus lower ticket offer and when to use each

23:37 How to sse Google Sheets for progress check-ins.

26:58 Client success leads to business profitability and growth.

29:24 Questions about setting up client engagements clearly.

32:44 A primary reason clients fail and don’t bond with your programs (the answer might surprise you) 

36:42 The importance of asking for referrals early, don't wait.

42:12 Megan reveals her fear of judgment that hindered her self-expression and growth.


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