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March 11, 2024 40 mins

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could grow your business while working only 4 days a week?

If that feels like a distant dream or a business only “other people” can enjoy, then grab a pen, paper and your favorite beverage and listen to my Amplify Your Success Podcast guest, Charles Alexander.

Charles has been in the pursuit of a 4-day work week since 2007 – and by delegating tasks, optimizing his mindset and mastering his daily routines, found a way to achieve work-life harmony. 

In episode 378, Charles reveals the potential for entrepreneurs to realize their business ambitions while prioritizing personal time. Whether it's focusing on high-impact tasks, setting clear boundaries, or leveraging community support, we uncover actionable advice for those seeking to navigate the journey towards a 4-day work week.

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Key Takeaways: 

03:25 Improving productivity with the Million Dollar Visibility framework.

09:35 How Charles balanced coaching, business and home life during challenging lockdown.

12:28 Tips for compressing your work week for efficiency.

13:56 4 keys to enhancing time management: visualize, plan, prioritize, act.

18:36 To spend more time in your zone of genius, delegate tasks.

22:07 Why we should reject busy culture to work towards balance.

25:38 Perfection can hinder progress. Set boundaries.

29:32 How to gain more uninterrupted focus time

30:38 A solid rule of thumb for outsourcing is 20% rate and 80% quality.


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