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April 1, 2024 15 mins

There’s a frustrating cycle that way too many expert-based businesses fall into and that is riding the revenue roller coaster.

Some months are good. However, way too many months the business owner ends up chasing leads and feeling nervous about reaching the revenue goals.

What if you could quantum leap your coaching business into consistent 5-6 figure months with a few simple tweaks to your current business model?

In episode 381 of Amplify Your Success, we're diving into the powerful process of quantum leaping your coaching business, by combining strategy, mindset, and a key paradigm shift to achieve the revenue and impact of your dreams.

With my 2 decades on in the trenches experience, I’ll outline the 3 more impactful areas of your business to optimize - scalable offers, sales trigger events, and consistent lead sources - that can immediately bring a significant boost to increasing revenue (and feeling more confident in your overall business growth.)

Learn how aligning your brand and messaging sets the stage for turbocharged growth and satisfaction in your business. Plus, discover how the Million-Dollar Visibility Framework can empower you to take your coaching business to the next level by unlocking your unique authority code.


Key Takeaways: 

  • 01:16 This solution is part strategy, part mindset, and partly a shift in your entire paradigm of what it takes

  • 04:13 The importance of giving yourself permission to want what you really want in your business

  • 07:07 What an optimized scalable offer truly is (and what it is not)

  • 09:12 The difference between a lead source and a sales trigger (and why this matters to your sales)

  • 11:10 How partners can become your best source of ideal clients.

  • 12:00 Why experts need continuous lead generation to quantum leap their monthly revenues.

  • 13:18 What the 3 fundamental elements are to reach a consistent 5-6 figure month


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