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June 17, 2024 36 mins

If you are a highly ambitious entrepreneur with lots of  ideas, you may struggle to grow your business fast enough. Whether your team can’t keep up, or your personal bandwidth lacks capacity to move all of your ideas forward, the key to accelerating business growth often lies in uncovering hidden potential and optimizing your available resources. 

What you don’t want is to accelerate sales to the point that your business implodes because your infrastructure can’t maintain the growth.

In episode 392 of Amplify Your Success, Ken Kilday reveals the six silver bullets entrepreneurs need for sustainable business growth. Using a combination of strategic guidance, expert coaching, and a clear focus on time utilization, Kilday's approach unlocks the potential for exponential business expansion.

Learn how strategic hiring, proactive planning for the future, and leveraging the right people and resources can be game-changers for entrepreneurs looking to amplify their success. Ken shares his concept of ‘unwavering awareness’ and why strategic delegation can significantly impact success

Key Takeaways: 

04:25  How Ken’s concept of ‘unwavering awareness’ can help you make effective changes in your business.

09:02  The problem with focusing on symptoms rather than the underlying causes of the growth problem.

14:17  Common expansion mistakes like resistance to delegation and its impact on your growth.

17:17  Why your growth has to start with the end in mind (even if it’s exiting the business.) 

19:36  How to use time more effectively as a competitive advantage for growth and success.

22:53  The secret to evaluating new ideas based on how it fits into your core focus. 

25:40 The importance of continuous and proactive hiring so your capacity matches your ambition.


Resources Mentioned in This Episode: 

  • Want to book a complimentary consultation with Ken? Book here.

  • Tap into Million-Dollar visibility streams with my proven 7 step framework
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